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Tubers, drop down on your knees and say it with me now: God bless the writers of 30 Rock. They are always ready to bring the funny—even when dealing with a certain pesky die-hard fan, er, reporter, who couldn't wait for this show to return (Apr. 10) before lobbing a slew of annoying questions their way.

Such is the case with 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock, who tackled some burning Q's and gave up some hilarious dish about the remainder of the show's sophomore year, including the scoop on shorty robes, long engagements and Jack Donaghy's dirty thoughts about clean fuel.

Click in for a small reminder of why 30 Rock rocks!

Is Will Arnett going to be back on 30 Rock to reprise his role as Devon Banks? More shorty robes!
Devon will be back very soon, and there will be costumes involved. The Jack-Devon rivalry is our Sam and Diane.  

Is Jack Donaghy's CEO goal a quixotic one? Will he remain head of television and microwave oven programming forever? Is running for CEO just his "thing"?
Jack Donaghy is never quixotic. He doesn't have time for it; when Jack tilts at windmills he knocks them down, converts them to coal power and then makes love to them. 

Ditto Kenneth the Page...Will he become CEO?
That's the spinoff: Kenneth and his wife, played by Mariah Carey, running GE.

Is Cerie's wedding going to be shown? The world definitely needs to see Jenna and Liz as bridesmaids.
The world needs that badly during these difficult times. But the plan right now is for Cerie to have the longest engagement ever. Her fiancé is the scion of some Greek shipping empire, and we cut a joke in the season premiere that revealed Cerie's last name is "Xerox," so I think there are years' worth of documents to be signed before that merger can take place. 

Is Liz going to have another serious relationship soon? Will Floyd ever come back into the picture? What about Dennis the Beeper Guy?
Miss Lemon's life is a constant struggle between choosing the good, fulfilling thing you have to work at (Floyd) and the easy, dumb thing you settle for (Dennis). So, hopefully they will both, each in his own way, be in the picture for a long time.

Any chance of getting more Dr. Spaceman?
Dr. Spaceman has to return for our traditional year-end medical crisis. The only reason he has been away for a little while is that his medical license was suspended for performing unnecessary surgery on himself.

Will "Muffin Top" please be released? In fact, will all of the music from the show (especially "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"!) be released on a soundtrack?
That's a great idea. There actually is a full-length version of "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" that we threw together for our own amusement more than anything else. The show has done a lot of great music thanks to our music supervisor (and producer) Jeff Richmond. And Ghostface Killah, of course.

Real-life NBC chief Ben Silverman hearts your show. Any plans to incorporate that into the show somehow?
It is nice to be hearted. We heart and lung him. He is welcome to come on any time. Otherwise we will have Chris Kattan play him.

Are things looking good for a season three?
Not after saying that Chris Kattan will play Ben Silverman.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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