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You know that scene in The Parent Trap where Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills realize they were separated at birth and their dreams of one big happy family were squashed because their parents just couldn’t get along?

Well, you might feel something similar watching this Thursday’s premiere of Lipstick Jungle on NBC, which at first glance seems a genetic carbon copy of that other Cashmere show.

See, the story has been told since last spring that Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City) and Darren Star (producer of Sex and the City) were working together on a TV version of her book Lipstick Jungle (Page Six even said they were living together at the time) but couldn’t see eye to eye. Hence, mommy and daddy separated and created two new series with very similar premises: Star’s Cashmere Mafia by ABC (which premiered last month) and Bushnell’s Lipstick Jungle by NBC (which premieres Thursday). 

When you see Lipstick’s premiere ep, you may want to start singing, “Let’s get together, what do you say?” ‘Cause while Lipstick is, in my opinion, the better show, combining elements from the two series would make one fantastic series.

So, just because I'm so very helpful, I did a little head-to-head matchup between the shows. Read on to find out which show comes out ahead on such points as best man-candy or best working-mom character. It will also help you envision what might have been the ultimate post-SATC series: Cashmere Lipstick Mafia Jungle, from Candace Bushnell and Darren Star. Read on, and then post your vision for CLMJ in Comments.

Lipstick Jungle

NBC/Virginia Sherwood

The Category:  The Plot
The Winner:  Lipstick Jungle

LJ’s three high-powered women living in New York City somehow seem to click better than Cashmere’s four. The characters seem a bit more real, the storylines a bit more entertaining and, though it takes a few episodes to get into, Lipstick is ultimately the more addictive show because you actually care what happens to these women.

Kim Raver in Lipstick Jungle

Andrew Eccles/ABC

The Category:  The Married Lady Who's Looking Elsewhere
The Winner:  Nico (Kim Raver) from Lipstick Jungle

Sure, we can sympathize with Miranda Otto’s heartbroken character, Juliet, on Cashmere, since her bored husband had an extramarital affair and prompted her wandering eye, but Juliet is just too obnoxiously frigid and forced, whereas Kim Raver’s Nico does some very bad things (she’s the one with the wandering eye) and yet somehow manages to draw us in and make us like her. Besides, it's Kim Raver. Even Jack Bauer digs her. 

Bonnie Sommerville in Cashmere Mafia

Andrew Eccles/ABC

The Category:  The Single, Confused Chick Looking for Love
The Winner:  Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) of Cashmere Mafia
We'll always love Lindsay Price, because she was Mrs. Steve Sanders on 90210, but her LJ character, Victory, is kind of annoying. And maybe we're still a little jealous of Bonnie Somerville 'cause she dated Zach Braff, but her flighty portrayal of Caitlin is cute. Plus, she's into gals and guys! Sorta hot. [Ed. note: Very hot.]

Frances O'Connor


The Category:  The Struggling, Juggling Mom
The Winner:  Zoe (Frances O’Connor) from Cashmere Mafia

We children of the '70s can’t help but love Brooke Shields, but truth be told, her Lipstick character, Wendy, is waffly, wavering and the weakest link of the series, while Frances O’Connor’s similar character over on Cashmere is sincere and endearing.

Lucy Liu, Cashmere Mafia


The Category:  The Powerful Exec Who Can't Find a Man
The Winner:  Mia From Cashmere Mafia
This character doesn't really exist on Lipstick, so we really didn't have any other choice than to let Mia win by default. But really, it's because Lucy Liu is a former Charlie's Angel, and we don't feel like getting our asses kicked today. 

Robert Buckley in Lipstick jungle

Nicole Rivelli/NBC

The Category:  The Man-Candy (Crucial to Any Chick Show!)
The Winner:  Kirby Atwood (Robert Buckley) from Lipstick Jungle

His six-pack’s debut in the second episode alone is worth tuning in for. And though his storyline with Kim Raver’s very much married Nico will make you blush, it’s the most intriguing and ultimately surprising of any of the storylines. And did I mention the abs?  

When you see LJ on Thursday, do come back to Comments and let us know which you prefer, okay?

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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