It  was another Heroic installment of our beloved superfriends last night! To celebrate, I've got a special guest in today's Heroes Redux: Shalim Ortiz, who plays Alejandro. As you can see in the video box above, he reveals his take on Alejandro and Maya's abilities, and exactly how long he was supposed to stay on the series...Pretty fascinating!

Check it out, then read on for what you may have missed in Heroes' sixth episode of the season—and the spoilerific goodies that lie ahead...

Heroes: Zachary Quinto

NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth


Hookup!  We're calling Maya and Sylar a shiny new pairing called "Mylar," right? (Much better than Syaya, which I can't even pronounce.) Those two are great together, and I hope they mate and make evil blackeyed superbabies that take over the world. Is that wrong?

Breakup!  Glass-cabinet shattering Mohinder is a good Mohinder. He's like a junior HRG, channeling his fatherly instincts into violence.

Smackdown!  Did anyone else get shades of Alias in the scene where HRG was giving fatherly advice to his daughter via phone while nonchalantly torturing a prisoner? It was like Spy Daddy and Super Syd all over again. (Will Claire ever get to go on countermissions and wear cool wigs?! Find out next time on...Heroes!)

EVIL!  Can we now state for certain that Bob, West and Kensei are dirty rotten scoundrels? Bob lies like a Nixon staffer, West took pleasure in terrorizing that girl, and Kensei must be evil, because he's messing with my boy Hiro. Anybody dispute their villainy? I challenge you to a nice duel in the Comments below!

The Evidence:  If you like digging into the details, the nice people that run the Interweb have posted screen grabs of Isaac's eight paintings including what an angry blonde (Niki in New Orleans?), perhaps Peter and a biohazard symbol, a vial of something powerful, a man with a broken nose and a smoking gun, and what appears to be Hiro and Kensei engaged in a fierce swordfight.

Heroes, Kristen Bell

Chris Haston/NBC


Elle Is Super Kinkay:  In ep 8, which flashes back four months, just wait till you see how sadistic our darling Kristen Bell can be as she gleefully zaps and zings Peter. Oh, and FYI, their lips might kinda sorta meet. And oh yeah, I might freak. I mean, Veronica and Jess lip-locking? Hello? That's the stuff of TV legends!

Maya Is Super Bad:  And not in a fun Michael Cera of Superbad way—more like a Bill from Kill Bill kinda way. Just wait till you see what she did four months ago! You'll think her brother is a saint.

Nathan Is Super Lucky:  You know that creeptastic burned dude Mr. Petrelli keeps seeing in the mirror? Sources confirm to me that's most definitely Nathan just a few months back, and the reason he looks so good is that (a) Adrian Pasdar is genetically blessed and (b) there's a cool new "cure" of sorts that could do a whole lotta people some good—including Nathan and, I don't know, perhaps Isaac and D.L. and Simone and Daddy Suresh, to name a few.

Kensei Is Super Old: 
400 years old and he looks that good without a smidge of Botox? No fair! And he might even have picked himself up an Anglo name! You'll see very soon, and so will Peter, who gets a new bunkmate.

A Hero Is Super Dead:  Sylar's gonna kill a Hero. A non-Hero's gonna kill a non-Hero. And then Sylar's gonna kill another Hero. Yeah, news flash: The guy's still ridonkulously evil. Don't let that shiny new Mylar fool you!

Until next time, post your theories, comments, rants and raves below. And given what Shalim says in the video clip, perhaps we should start a death pool? I'm just sayin'... 

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