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Welcome back, tubers, to the morning after another fabulous edition of our favorite superhero show!


There's No Place Like Home:  Is it wrong that I want Claire to pick her daddy over her flying boyfriend? Her daddy is a superhot diabolical genius who would stab himself in the brain through his eyeball if he thought it would help protect her, and West is a dumb boy who pressures the girl he likes into jumping off the freaking Hollywood sign so he can dramatically rescue her. No contest, if you ask me.

Le Wha?
  Matt's dad is one of the 12 is the Big Bad Boogeyman? Nice! (Can't wait to see what goes down in apartment nine on the third floor in the apartment building in Philadelphia...)

The New Girl Rocks:
  What did you think of Monica's power? From what I understand, she can replicate any movement she sees demonstrated...and I'm insanely jealous. I mean, if I could do everything I've seen on TV, well, holy crap, there's nothin' I couldn't do! And note to Monica: Tune into a little show on NBC on Monday nights at 9 p.m., and you can be just like Peter.

The Phantom:
  What's up with Nathan's face in the mirror? My guess is that's him after he was nuked, and—spoiler alert—we will go back to that fateful, explodey night (see below).

Gabriel, Like the Angel:  So...Sylar's driving Maya and Alejandro north (in Claire's stolen Nissan Rogue, no less!). Suddenly Nikki and Paolo are muy interesante. (And it will get better...Read below.)

Mam Petrelli's a Liyah!  Mama Petrelli's confession was clearly fake, but if she knows who really killed Kaito, why can't Matt read her mind and pull out that info? Either way, she's still hiding more than a few secrets.

WHAT LIES AHEAD (Don't Read If You Don't Want to Know!):

Maya and Alejandro Have a Crazay Twist:  I know some of you haven't been too keen on the pair you're calling "Nikki and Paolo" (in homage to Lost's ill-received party crashers last season). But trust me, there's some insanely good stuff coming up to make you get invested. For starters, Sylar will be all hooked up with Maya for at least a handful of episodes, using her for her power to kill everyone, since he's currently a powerless puss. And then there's the jaw-dropping moment where you find out exactly what kind of "homicidio" Maya is wanted for. Let's just it involves a wedding and is above and beyond anything you'd think this Latina cutie-patootie could be capable of. Prepare to freak.

Elle Is Finally Here!  Kristen Bell joins Heroes! Woo-hoo! We'll get to know her in the present, and then soon after flash back to her first interaction with Peter Petrelli, around the time, not too long ago, when NYC nearly went nuclear... (Remember when we showed you Milo Ventimiglia all "banged" up, wearing a sweatshirt that looked like it survived a nuclear explosion? Well, that's because it totally survived a nuclear explosion. So sayeth Milo himself: "I think it’s safe to say if there was a big nuclear type bomb going off in the air, he may look like this.")

DL Will Be Back!  We'll be getting to know D.L.'s relatives a lot better over the coming weeks, leading up to a return appearance (in episode eight) by Leonard Roberts himself. Yay!

Question of the Week:  So, now that we've gotten to know most of this season's newbies, who are you liking most between Kensei, Monica, Aunt Uhura, Maya, Alejandro and Bob? Any new faves, or are you holding out for Kristen Bell? Comment away below!

Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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