Heroes: Zachary Quinto

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Korbi here with some news for you:

  • Zachary Quinto's chances of being Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film are looking extremely good. I hear the deal is about to close. Best. Casting. Ever.

    Update: Jen here. Following up on K.G.'s brilliant scoop, I checked with a source who confirms that the Zachary Quinto-as-Spock contract is with the business affairs team at Paramount. Business affairs is generally considered the last stop on the deal-negotiation train. The deal only awaits sign-off from outside counsel. Squee.

  • I also hear some credible rumors that Geena Davis has fallen out of talks to be on Criminal Minds.
  • Do you remember that Vanished show with Gale Harold from last season that vanished from the airwaves? I hear that the mystery from that show is going to be resolved on Bones this season. Fabulous, yes?
  • If you want to be totally grossed out, check out Marc Malkin's news about Rosie's role on the upcoming season of Nip/Tuck. Just don't eat before you click.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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