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Greetings, tubers! I hope you're ready for some serious scoop today because I am on fi-yah! Literally. I sorta burned my bottom during my bridal shower yesterday at the W Hotel, thrown by our OG Party Girl, Lara Morgenson. It was pretty much the best time a girl could have had (can I just say blackberry mojitos, a scrumptious brunch and poolside fire pits to make s'mores?), but I forgot to have one of the hot pool boys SPF up my nether regions. Whoopsie! Anyway, enough from this whiney bridey hiney! What smoldering scoop do you all wanna know, hmmm?

Janice in Miami: Is Veronica Mars really over?
It really is. As you know, this Friday is the last day for the CW to pick up the show, and Rob Thomas has already been informed that they will not be picking up the show for midseason. I'm told this was the plan for quite some time, but that the CW higher-ups did not want to make an official announcement in order to keep from rattling Veronica's fans more. Personally, I'm about as rattled as they come, but I'm trying to hold my head high. Anybody got a neck brace?

Francesca: Any chance of a Gilmore Girls reunion? I want to know how Amy Sherman-Palladino would have ended it! What was the final line?

I got to ask that very question of Lauren Graham herself, who tells me: "People keep asking me about it, and I haven't spoken to anyone who could actually make it happen. I do wish [Amy S.-P.] had gotten to be a part of the end, because the show was so much Amy's vision from the beginning, but there were a number of reasons that wasn't the way it was. But would those four final words have made a difference? I'm not sure. I think we were at a good place to end, and I think it was a natural ending." Lauren also sent out a message to you fans (including you who are still flooding my inbox with "Save Gilmore Girls" messages): "I have been very moved by the response from people in just their kindness about the show and sadness about it ending. I really have appreciated that." Sniffle.

Gabrielle in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: Please, in the name of all things that are holy, please explain to me that series finale of The Sopranos! After all of these years of loyal viewing—I just don't get it. Did you? Feeling very lost...
'Twas weird, no? Okay, here's what I got: I think the visual pacing and set design were intended to recall the scene in The Godfather where Michael made his bones by shooting the police captain, and I believe that with the man in the Members Only jacket going into the bathroom, they wanted us to believe a shooting was imminent. When the screen went black, it was arguably because Meadow rushing into the café was the last thing Tony ever saw before Members Only shot him in the head. (And maybe from there on out, Meadow was the college-educated, last best hope for the Sopranos, just as Michael was the true heir of Don Corleone?) Except...jeez, Chase, could you vague that up a little? My next best guess is that life (even if you suddenly get dead) does not have a clear-cut ending. Life is not television; it's not a story well told. It's chaos. That random moment at the café was as good a moment as any on which to end the tale of Tony Soprano and the north New Jersey family. Or...maybe my TiVo was on the fritz? It could go either way.

Tina in Kansas City, Missouri: I'm a giant fan of yours and an average-size Shoebox writer, and I thought you might like this list of 10 things that may have happened after the screen went dark on The Sopranos.
Ha! My personal favorite is nine. Or seven. Or maybe eight...

J. in Portage, Indiana: Are you seriously engaged to Jonathan Tucker?
I am not seriously engaged to Jonathan Tucker. But he did once give me his fraternity pin. I'm kidding. All my future TV husbands are the result of totally imaginary engagements. They belong to their people, and I belong to my Brazilian thunder from down under. (And no, he is not a stripper.)

Zoriah: Ooh! Gossip! Does Ausiello's blind item about a white female prima donna have anything to do with your piece on Lost's bad castmate?
Nope. And I just hope it's not me!

Romain in Belfort, France: Is the alienated castmember of Lost, like, blonde and Australian?
Frak no. The Australian blonde is as sweet and fuzzy and adored as the baby duckling she resembles. 

Lisibeth in France: An actor on Lost, a big falling-out with the rest of the cast and it has already had an impact of the storyline...Well, all my money would be on a [totally accurate description which can't be printed] being the culprit. Do you predict bankruptcy or fortune for me soon?
I predict: Cha-ching! And because I want my own paychecks to keep coming, I blanked out your guess. Now, how are you with lottery numbers?

Deborah in Mountain View, California: I love the Sanders family on Heroes. Are we going to see D.L. and Niki reconnect?
I asked that very question of Ali Larter and Leonard Roberts recently. Ali says, "It's definitely a complicated situation. We deal with one character really taking a big, strong stance, so it definitely makes for a complicated affair." And Leonard is right there with you! He says, "It's my hope that D.L. and Niki find their way back to each other, because I think there's something special there."

Shawna in Yonkers, New York: Hayden Panettiere is back on Heroes in season two, right? Any word on what's in store for our little Claire?
I asked Hayden what she wants for Claire. Here's what she told me: "This show has been so broad, and it's been such an incredible thing that it seems like it can go anywhere and that she can go anywhere, so I'd like to see a change of location maybe. Toward the end of the season, I'd like to see her get a little bit of a change of style—more sophisticated, growing into her own. I'd like to see a boy in the horizon somewhere, which I've heard rumors of." Ooh-la-la!

Trudy in Denver: When is it time for the annual Tater Top Awards? Did I miss it?
Nope. We pushed it back a little this year, but we will start the ball rolling very soon. So, do me a favor, will ya? Send any and all nominations for all the big categories (best actor, actress, drama, comedy, kiss, fight, chemistry, villain, moment that made you want to throw out your TV, etc.) to Thanks!

Steve in Studio City, California: 1. Will Eight Days a Week be any good, or am I just being thrown off because the girls are pretty? 2. Is mental incapacitation a requisite when trying to obtain a Nielsen box? 3. How many Pussycat Dolls does the world really need? 4. Which is a better way to spend my Wednesdays, shaving with a cheese grater or watching Hidden Palms? 5. Farmer Wants a Wife? Are you serious?
Whew! You are full of Q's! Okay. Big breath. 1. I hear very good things about Eight Days a Week! 2. Allow me to quote Edward James Olmos at last week's Battlestar Galactica panel: "Nielsen needs a hole in the head." 3. Everyone knows Pussycat Dolls are to the world as honeybees are to flowers: needed, wanted, loved. Don't be such a hater. 4. Hidden Palms is better than shaving with a cheese grater but worse than shaving with a Microplane zester. Every man must make this decision for himself. 5. Hey, I just work here...

Edie in Astoria, New York: Thanks so much for covering Battlestar Galactica. Any more scoop from the event?
Here's everything that didn't make it into the Vine show from my round of False, True, Frak No I Won't Tell You with Ronald D. Moore. Do with it what you will!

  1. Lee loves Dee. True.
  2. Laura Roslin is dying. True.
  3. Laura Roslin will use any means necessary to bring her people to Earth. True.
  4. Helo is totally hot. What? Helo?! No way. False. [I think he's kidding here!—K.V.]
  5. Caprica Six has free will. True.

Maria in Raleigh, North Carolina: Last week's Shield finale didn't even feel like a season finale, let alone a series finale. Do you have any word on if this show is done or if we'll be getting more?
I can tell you exactly what Michael Chiklis says on the matter: "We start shooting the final season June 18. I don't think Shawn [Ryan] and the writers know what the endgame will be exactly—we have ideas, and there's been a lot of ideas pitched—but I think they're about six shows in, of the 13. I don't think anyone really knows the end yet."

Emma in San Diego: What do you hear about Age of Love?
It starts on Monday on NBC! According to host Mark Consuelos, his former daytime drama gig ain't got nothing on this reality show, which pits twentysomethings against fortysomethings for the affections of a tennis pro. "I don't think you could write the stuff that's on this show," he told reporters. "I fell in love with this medium of reality TV by watching the conversations and interactions between the two groups of women."

Gina in Nevada: Could you please write about the iTunes Tuesday we are promoting for Veronica Mars? Tomorrow we are asking fans to go online and purchase Veronica's final episode, "The Bitch Is Back," from iTunes to show our support. Thanks so much!
Fo' shizzle. I love the idea of iTunes Tuesday. I'll be downloading with the rest of you, since continued demonstrations of support for Veronica Mars could potentially influence the development of a movie.

Katie in Marion, Illinois: I've been getting pumped for the new season of Big Love, and I've heard we will be getting an origins-type episode (or two) showing us what happened before the show started? Please say it is true!
Actually, if you have HBO on Demand, the "origins" episodes you speak of are already available to you. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm told there are three mini eps that reveal how Nicolette and Margene joined the family and also how they ended up in that three-home suburban compound of theirs. Don't fret if you're not an HBO on Demand subscriber, though, I hear these little treats will soon be viewable on, too. And HBO is scheduled to air them June 24!


Marianna in Wichita, Kansas: Any Heroes scoop? I can't believe summer just started. Seems like the show ended forever ago!
I hear ya, girl. But the good news is the cast actually starts filming new episodes next week, so spoilers are starting to leak out! I'm hearing a bit of The Black Donnellys may have rubbed off on Heroes, as they're welcoming a new recurring character named Will, aka Blackie, an Irish mobster who's mixed up in small-time crime! 

Michael in Corona, California: Are they adding any characters on Heroes?
Yep. I'm hearing we meet a new character who's been alive for 1,000 years. And sadly, he is not played by David Boreanaz. I'm pretty sure it's the character David Anders is in the running for, but not sure.

Anthony in Plymouth, Massachusetts: Is Stephen Collins going to reprise his role on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia this summer? He was awesome last year!
Survey says...yesssirreee! When my partner in scoop Korbi ran into Stephen at the 7th Heaven funeral in May, he was totally giddy, having just come from the set of Sunny. He said he'd been hanging with Danny DeVito all day and seemed thrilled to be shooting more eps.

Helen in Tampa, Florida: Smallville! Smallville! Smallville!
Aye, aye, Captain! I've just been told that The Daily Planet is getting a new editor in chief named Greg. We see quite a bit of him early in the season, and surprise, surprise, he's going to be the sexy, smart type.

Jeff from Concord, California: Any news on the seventh season of Smallville?
It has just been announced that Kara, aka Supergirl, joins the cast for the seventh season. Kara, who is Clark's cousin, has all of Clark's powers and is able to fly. Kara is also a potential love interest for Jimmy Olsen.

Andrew in Dublin, Pennsylvania: I'm confused. Is The Shield over, or is it coming back for another season?
They're shooting more eps, and I hear Vic may have a new lady in his life. Well, she's not exactly his lady, but he's attracted to an immigration agent named Olivia Murray this season. She sticks around to strut her stuff for quite a while.

Matty in Canton, Ohio: What's up with Weeds this year? Any news?
Mary-Kate Olsen's character is from Agrestic's new neighboring town, which they're calling Majestic. I'm hearing it's supposed to be the sort of drug-free community parents long for, but that's not gonna be the case for very long. Apparently there are several drug dealers vying to make Majestic their territory. One of those dealers, Renny, makes a nice, new addition to the show and creates quite a bit of drama for Nancy and company along the way. 

Debbie in Sebastian, Florida: Why is it a good thing that Lucy Lawless' series Football Wives wasn't picked up?
Because she's now in negotiations to reprise her role as Three on Battlestar, and I still miss that crazy Amazonian robo-zealot. (P.S.: That is the nice way of saying it.)

Claudette in Detroit: I know it's early, but do you have any dish on season four of Medium?
Producers are working on getting Ms. Rosanna Arquette to do a guest spot on the show. Seeing as how her old show What About Brian is now off the air, I think the chances look good. 

Camille in Vancouver: Do you hear anything more about The 4400?
The third party in play on the show is a group known as The Marked.

Iris from Pasadena, California: What's coming up for Marco on Degrassi?
I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is  Marco's boyfriend Dylan moves to Switzerland, but the good news is they are still together. I'm also told that Alex is in desperate need of money and turns to stripping in order to pay off debts.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner


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