Hump Day Stumper

Ah, Valentine's Day...that special time of year when you get to share intimate moments with the one you love and intimate secrets with the public at large. At least, that's how I'm celebratin'!

You may also notice that this weekly whodunit roundup now has a new name because, well, "Hump Day Stumper" is just way more fun now, isn't it? And regardless, the gist of what we're doin' here is the same: telling salacious stories without naming names.

In honor of VD (and yes, I do mean that in the dirty sense of the moniker), I'm going to share with you a very special love story about one of the yummiest men on TV—who, I'm sorry, is just somehow not so yummy anymore. Hmph.

This one goes out to all the lovers out there...

Leafy Lou 
Leafy Lou has a squeaky-clean image. He's handsome. He's charming. He's on a TV show. He's dating someone else you know. And, well, here's the fun part: He's also getting a little action on the side from a certain adult movie starlet. Wait, sorry, forgot the punctuation there. What I meant to say was: adult-movie starlet. Now it's something worth talking about, no?! According to sources close to Lou, he has met up for various rendezvous with this starlet, and the details of these encounters are far too salacious for my prudish mind to understand. (Don't laugh—my mom could be reading.) Personally, I just can't ever look at Lou the same!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Post your comments and professions of love below.

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