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You may have noticed a few changes around here.

Last week, E! Online reinvented itself again after consulting with our biggest fans and harshest critics—you, the site’s passionate, opinionated readership.

Why? Because we consistently heard the same comment from users: There was so much good stuff on the site that it was nearly impossible to find it all. (Yes, you had other criticisms, but that was by far the main one.)

So with that in mind, we streamlined all our great content in one place on the site (or as close as we could get to one place without ruffling Ted Casablanca’s plumage).

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • All our breaking news, biggest stories and hottest gossip is right up front in one big blog. No more searching for the latest Marc Malkin gossip, Hollywood Party Girl dispatches or the Answer B!tch investigative reports. They’re all right there in the main blog for you. Right where you want them.
  • Where’s First Look? The Hum? Planet Gossip? All those other sections with funny names that you like so much? In the main blog, folks. It’s all there.
  • We left a few things alone: There’s no blog big enough to share space with Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth—he hogs the covers—so we left Ted right where he has always been: Right smack in the middle of Hollywood calling it on its s--t.
  • Watch With Kristin is a force of nature, an army of goodness, a televisionary way of life. We left the Kristinites on their TV island to discuss Lost spoilers, Kristen Bell worship and other topics best left to the real experts, the die-hard TV fans.
  • We made everything better. More news, more gossip, more pictures, more video, more everything that you like about E! Online, including the voice and POV that has made it a one-stop shop for Hollywood goodness for 12 years and counting.

So we made the changes you see here, and we want to hear from you. What works better? What do you hate? How would you have done it differently? We really want to know.

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