David Hasselhoff, Pamela Bach

Darby Shaw/ZUMAPress.com, Chris Delmas/ZUMAPress.com

David Hasselhoff gets the "Hoff," the T-shirt slogan, and, oh, the elephant foot.

The long, messy split of Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach resulted finally in a dry, civil divorce settlement filed Thursday in a Los Angeles court.

Per the 23-page agreement obtained by E! News, Hasselhoff will retain his most prized possession: his Hoff-ness. (View the settlement.)

The Baywatch and Knight Rider icon keeps his several self-named business ventures, i.e., Hasselhits, Hasseltunes, and Hoffstuff Productions, etc., as well as the Hoffworld-branded trademarks to his nickname, "Hoff," and his catchphrase, "Don't Hassel the Hoff."

Hasselhoff also retains the intellectual property rights to more than 50 of his albums and singles, including David Hasselhoff Sings America, "Wir Zwei Allein Heut' Nacht," and "I Don't Do Sex."

In the personal effects department, Hasselhoff seems to bag the best of what was known as his Encino, Calif., home's African room. He gets the: African pipe; the Ivory tusk; assorted statues; and, the "elephant foot and two elephant stools."

It is believed and hoped, although not specified, that the elephant stools in question are seats.

Hasselhoff, 55, and Bach, 44, separated in December 2005 after 16 years of marriage. The divorce was finalized in 2006, but much ugliness ensued as the ex-couple waged war over their two daughters, now 17 and 15.

Per the document, Hasselhoff will pay $2,500 a month in child support for the younger daughter, and $1,500 a month for the older one until each child turns 18. He and Bach will share joint custody, and agree that "neither party shall unduly pressure the children to spend time with him or her."

Elsewhere, the family's Encino home will be sold, with Hasselhoff and Bach splitting the proceeds.

Here are some other points of interest from the settlement:

  • She gets the photographs of Hollywood great Claudette Colbert and pop singer Michael Jackson that hung outside the couple's master suite. She also gets a shot of herself that apparently ran in Sports Illustrated.
  • Car-wise, she gets the 2006 Mercedes and the 1999 Lincoln Navigator, while he gets the 1960 Mercedes, the 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle, the BMW golf cart, the 1985 Porsche, the 2007 Cadillac Escalade, the other 2006 Mercedes and the 1993 Mercedes.
  • She gets one-half of his pensions from the Screen Actors Guild, the Directors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
  • She gets one-half of any income from his 2006 autobiography, Making Waves.
  • He gets the intellectual property rights to his tome, as well as those to the "potential television series referred to as Tales of the Hoff."
  • He gets the Ted Williams "baseball paraphernalia," the barber chair, the computer, the weights, the piano, and the "French maid."

It is believed and hoped, although not specified, that the French maid in question is a piece of furniture. Like the elephant stools.

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