Malcolm David Kelley, Lost

ABC/Mario Perez

One of the (many) burning questions inspired by the Lost finale is, "To whom was Ben referring when he says that everyone has to go back to the Island?" Meaning, who, exactly, is everyone?

Does everyone include Ji-Yeon, who was conceived on the Island but never took a breath there? Does it include helicopter pilot Frank, who just stopped by for a three-hour tour? And perhaps most intriguingly, does it include Walt, who left "early," and whose father has surely already paid the piper?

Now, I can't tell you yet if Ben's edict includes the babies, but I can tell you what Malcolm David Kelley thinks about Walt's situation! Click in to find out his take on Walt's destiny:

When asked at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards in Universal City, Calif., if he thought Walt had to go back with the rest of the gang, Malcolm said, "Yeah, I think I should go back to the Island and stir up a little trouble back there. I think that'd be pretty cool." Agreed!

Has he talked to the writers about guesting, recurring or becoming a regular on either of the show's final two seasons? Said Malcolm: "They haven't told me anything right now, but if and when they tell me, I'll go out to Hawaii and start working."

In the meanwhile, between now and the return of Lost, hang in there to see Malcolm in a new film he's very enthusiastic about. He said, "I just finished a movie in North Carolina called Mississippi Damned. It should be coming out some time next year, and it's a drama taking place in the '80s and '90s. It's a very good movie—really deep." Can't wait!

Anyway, taller ghost Walt back on the Island for reals? Sounds absolutely fab to me—what do you think? Post in the comments.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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