Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman's No. 1 fan claims New York's Finest fed him some pulp fiction.

Jack Jordan, a 37-year-old former mental patient accused of stalking the Oscar-nominated actress, has asked a judge to throw out statements he made to cops that will be used as evidence against him. Jordan alleges investigators falsely promised to free him if he admitted his unrequited feelings for the Kill Bill star.

But the judge in the case ruled today that Jordan volunteered the information to the NYPD and that his statements will be admissible at his upcoming trial, as will what prosecutors say are some chilling letters from him to Thurman.

The Maryland native was collared in October outside Thurman's Greenwich Village home and charged with misdemeanor stalking and harassment. Officials say Jordan not only sent emails and love letters to the actress (and her family) over a two-year period but entered her trailer when she was on location shooting a movie in Manhattan.

Taking the stand Thursday during a pretrial hearing, Jordan told the court his interrogators promised they would let him leave if he answered their questions about why he so doggedly pursued Thurman—even though his attorney wasn't present.

"I fulfilled their curiosity about the case...I didn't know I was being deposed," he said.

Afterward, he was taken into custody, read his Miranda rights and booked on the stalking charges.

Detective Edward Yzaguirre of the NYPD tried to downplay Jordan's accusations, testifying that officers made no such guarantees.

The detective said he recalled Jordan blabbing about the first time he fell for the A-lister: How when he glimpsed her on the big screen, their eyes locked, and he felt they were destined to be together.

Jordan's overtures became so increasingly aggressive—at one point he threatened suicide if he saw the 37-year-old star with another man—that his family had him involuntarily committed.

Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro sided with police and prosecutors and ruled Jordan's comments could be used in the case.

Thurman is slated to testify in the case once the trial begins next week.

But an attorney for Jordan, who is free on $10,000 bond, says he hopes to work out a plea deal to avoid a full-blown trial.

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