ER,  Shane West, Parminder Nagra, Scott Grimes

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Bad news, Reela fans. I just got off the phone with ER boss John Wells, and the rumors that Shane West would be returning to the show for two episodes this season are definitely not true. But there's hope!

John says Shane's character, double-amputee Dr. Ray Barnett, is absolutely a candidate to return next season! John says: "I love Shane, and we would love to have him come back for some episodes. What we're doing now is beginning the planning for the final season, which will go on the air next September. And as part of that, we'll be contacting pretty much everybody, [inviting them] to come back and do a little spin."

Unfortunately, all that is in the works for season 15, and Shane won't appear in any of the remaining six episodes of season 14. Says John: "We haven't set anybody that you don't already know about [for the remainder of this season]."

Is there any chance John remains unaware of the intense online fandom devoted to Ray's relationship with Parminder Nagra's character, Neela Rasgotra? "You know...I'm on my third or fourth email address, so that would be my way of answering that question." (Hee!)

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—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin 

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