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Hi, all! So happy you could join me for another TV question-and-answer session. Let’s get to it!

Madison in Rhode Island: Any word on Pushing Daisies?
I'm told that the series definitely will not be going back into production at all this season, because there’s no way to get the show up and running in time. The plan is for the writers to get back to work, but for production to resume with the second season this summer. That’s why our beloved Anna Friel was given permission to shoot Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost movie, which she’ll be doing till June. Our girl scored the lead! So, yeah, totally craptastic that we have to wait for more Daisies, but season two should be even more amazing than the first. And seriously, Friel and Ferrell in LotL? LOL. I can't wait.

Helena: Daisies! I miss Coeur d'Coeurs and all our Daisies friends.
Then you’ll like this little nugget: Apparently, young Ned and young Chuck are best friends in real life. Sammi Hanratty and Field Cate hit the Spiderwick Chronicles premiere together and said they’ve been friends for “a long time.” If that doesn’t make your heart tingly you should see a cardiologist.

Yenni in Kansas City: I loved Eli Stone! Please tell me it will survive.
The premiere pulled in 11 million viewers, which is not too shabby, know what’s coming right? You gotta have faith! Personally, I became 100 percent sold on this show with this Thursday’s episode, in which...wait for it...Spy Daddy sings! Yes, Victor Garber himself gets in on the musical action by singing George Michael’s “Freedom.” (In case you didn't know, Garber has four Tony nods and graced the screen way back in 1973 as J.C. himself in Godspell.) I have no words for how much I love this. The episode also stars a certain Veronica Mars alum. See if you can spot her.

Liz in Wilmington, Delaware: I heard the rumors of Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty are actually true. Did the strike really screw things up?
Though talks between Betty producers and L.L. did stall because of the strike, I'm told her deal is most definitely still on the table. If the WGA and the AMPTP can come to a consensus, Lohan will join the likes of Salma Hayek, Lucy Liu and Posh Spice pretty soon.

Marlise from Woodland Hills, California: I miss Ugly Betty so much! Are they ever going to go back and shoot more episodes?
You aren’t the only one jonesing for your Betty fix. We recently ran into Mark Indelicato (Justin) at the Spiderwick Chronicles premiere, and he said he’s dying to go back. You gotta love a cast that legitimately misses one another! “It’s called Ugly Betty,” Justin says, “but I know America says without the rest of us it wouldn’t mesh together. And, like, can you imagine Justin being who he is without Ignacio and Hilda right next to him? You know you can’t!” Hear that negotiating committee? Bring this family back together!

Karina in Miami: I can’t believe the last new episode of Friday Night Lights airs this week. I want more! Any hope?

Friday Night Lights,Kyle Chandler

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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences just honored the show (stay tuned for exclusive video from that!) and executive producer Jason Katims told us that when the strike ends, he and his cast and crew are ready to go. We also learned that Katims wrote the last three eps in just three days, so he’s definitely capable of getting the job done. Unfortunately, whether or not this show sticks around is up to the network. So, I have an important brainstorming favor to ask of you fellow FNL fans: How can we help save this show? How can we get more people watching? How can we spread the word? Please email me any and all ideas (no matter how small or crazy) to I, like the show’s other 5 million fans, might die a little if this show doesn’t make it.

Janet in Eugene, Oregon: That was a great Hurley interview, but you forgot the biggest question of them all. What was with the Eskimo watercolor painting he was drawing? Was that an Easter egg? 
Funny. Jorge himself brought that up and said that if anyone asks, he wanted everyone to know that that painting is hugely important because it was drawn by...Jorge himself. “I just thought to myself, what would Hurley be drawing? And given that he didn’t want an ocean view and wanted to be as far away from the island as possible, that seemed like the farthest place.” That's all it meant, according to J.G.

Anna in Fort Worth, Texas: Did you see the casting special for this new MTV Dance Show with Randy Jackson? I think I might be obsessed with it.
You and me both. The only thing that would make America’s Best Dance Crew better is the addition of So You Think You Can Dance season-three stars, Dominic and Hok. I’m told their crews tried out for the series, but Dom and Hok’s contracts with 19 Entertainment (they produce SYTYCD and Idol) kept them from participating. Bummer, right?

Angie in St. Petersburg, Florida: Any word on whether Big Shots is coming back?
Sources tell me probably not. And Michael Vartan is cool with that. Sorry! I know many of you love(d?) it.

Tama in Durham, North Carolina: I am so sad about the end of The 4400. Has there been any word about another network picking it up?
No, sadly, but you fans are doing your part! The AP just reported a sunflower seeds campaign for The 4400, inspired by the Jericho folks. Check out if you want to play.

Mary in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom: Please help us support Moonlight. It's an amazing show! Do they have intention to give to us more episodes? Do you know if they already decided for the next year? Do you have any news? Thanks for being so kind to us.
Don't know to your first Q, don't know to your second Q and yes to your third Q. I just heard from inside sources at the Paley Center for Media that they have planned a special Moonlight event for Apr. 22. Whee! I promise I'll totally be there to bring you all the Alex O'Loughlin goodness you all long for! 

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Barry in Springfield, New Jersey: Any Prison Break scoop?
Yes, sir. There is a major death coming up! A character whom we’ve gotten to know quite well is gonna kick the bucket quite soon. I’m told the way he goes is really sad...but whether you’ll be upset about his passing, I’m not so sure. Certainly, it will change things at Sona.

Alex in Chicago: So, Lost! Is Naomi now "all dead"? Because I kind of love Marsha Thomason. I'd like to see more of her.
Me too! She's now all dead, but she is, let's say, a presence in the next two episodes (at least).

Dave in St. George, Utah: So, what's up with these freighter people?
There are four of them, and the one that wasn't credited as a regular in the season premiere is my personal fave. Two of the others remind me of Sawyer (snarky and kind of mean) and Juliet (beautiful and capable), and the fourth? Well, before too long he's gonna be truuuh-bul.

Lost: Josh Holloway

Mario Perez/ABC

Emmy in Louisville, Kentucky: Can you tell us any more about this "fascinating" Sawyer-Kate scene in episode three?
In the Island's big game of capture the flag, Kate gets tagged out by the other team and sent to "jail." Lucky for her, she's in good with the jailer...

Masha in Miami: Any news on Ben's relationship with Locke this season?
Well, before too long, it's better than Locke's relationship with Jack.

Stacy Keibler, Geoff Stults

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MaryLouise in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Anything on October Road?
Geoff Stults’ real-life ladylove, Miss Stacy Keibler, is guesting on an upcoming episode as Eddie Latekka’s ex-girlfriend. Hot.

Katie in Troy, Michigan: Hannah and Nick! Hannah and Nick! Tell me October Road’s cutest couple will reunite!
I just ran into Bryan Greenberg at the Pink BlackBerry Pearl launch party (where he was talking at length to Eliza Dushku), and he said there is definitely hope for Hannah and Nick. They don’t reunite before the end of the season, but he seemed quite sure it will happen, provided they get a third year. In the meantime, Bryan said we can look forward to more drama between the two of them in the remaining episodes that were already shot.

Jenny in Wilmington, Ohio: If the strike ends this week and Friday Night Lights can finish its season, what would be coming up?
According to Jason Katims, the season stopped just short of a really big football arc. Of course, with Smash being suspended from the team and with the playoffs on the horizon, that makes a lot of sense.

Karen in Marina Del Ray, California: Kyle XY! I can’t believe Jessi ratted out Kyle and Amanda last week. What a bitch! We need to get rid of her!
I would agree with you, except I had the pleasure of meeting Jaimie Alexander (who plays Jessi) at that BlackBerry Pearl party, and she was very cool. She told me that when she read last week’s script, she said, “What the hell? I thought I was going to be good now!” She revealed that Jessi goes back and forth between good and evil all season, mostly because she’s dealing with the fact that no one loves her except for Kyle. As for getting rid of her, it ain’t happening. Jaimie has already signed on for season three.

Summer Glau, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Jone in Fort Collins, Colorado: What's next on Terminator? That show is turning out to be surprisingly intellectual for something that's about killer robots.
Seriously! Anyway, putting aside talk of "the singularity" for a minute, I can tell you that, according to Summer Glau, Cameron may not be about what she says she's about. On Friday, she told me, "It's a mystery at this point if Cameron's intentions are what she presents them to be. I don’t even really know what's going on with Cameron. I do know that maybe she has a mysterious past. And it's unclear what she ends up being in the future. But at this point, I think that all three of us, as far as what I know from the script, we are all fighting for the same goal, but that might turn out to be sort of a front. Cameron might have come back from the past for a different purpose." Hmmm...

Phil in Yukon, Oklahoma: Please, some Terminator love! Thank you!
Summer Glau also told me, "I'm really proud of this week's episode. It's one of our biggest action episodes. We have two new Terminators coming into play, one played by Brian Bloom. It's huge, and we worked so hard on this episode." 
ParrotKeeper in Albany, New York: Jericho! Any scoop?
There's a hot new special-ops guy and a hot new reporter on the scene, but one of them isn't long for this world...

James in Dover, Maine: You said Heather on Jericho was going to be a hero. What does that mean?
It means that if she knows other people are in danger, she does everything she can to save them. She's not exactly throwing herself in front of a bullet, but almost.

Emily Rose

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Kiran in New York City: Can you tell us anything about Emily Rose's character on Jericho? I loved her on John from Cincinnati.
She's a good egg in a bad environment. I think you'll really like her in this.

Michael in Atlanta: Last week's OTH was fantastic. Any word on what's next?
Personally, I'm still getting over Lafferty's haircut. (I liked him dirty and shaggy—you?) But in more important, serious and jaw-dropping matters, I'm hearing of a wedding (I'm sure you know who), a kidnapping (so not good), a breakup (supericky) and what appears to be some kind of jailbreak (gaaah—we have so not seen the last of Dan this season). Also, there is a big Lucas/Peyton blowout in tomorrow night's episode.

Darbi in Austin, Texas: I've heard that Monk and Natalie make out in an upcoming ep?!
Make out is probably too strong a description, but there is some kissage!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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