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Hey Tuberinos! Got Q's? 'Cause I've got some sweet A's, so let's have at it!

Jensen in Idaho: Hey, Kristin! I'm digging the new season of Heroes, but it's not the same without your Redux the morning after. Please start it up again or I'll cry.
Save your tears, and check back tomorrow morning—the Redux will be back in full effect!

Michael in Miami: Sylar is back on Heroes! What's the dirt?
I know, hurrah! All I can say is he's not what he appears to be in those Corona-commercial-esque scenes you've seen. Gaa! By the by, I went to a very cool event on Friday hosted by Sylar himself, Zachary Quinto, and almost all the Heroes and a few HIMYM stars were there—good times. I chatted up Kristen Bell for a good while, and she told me she's madly in love with her new Heroes costars because, "They are as mean as they are ugly." Awwwww...esome, right? Kristen is clearly one of the gang now, and I wouldn't be surprised if she stuck around much longer on Heroes...i.e., full time. Meanwhile, I highly advise that you check out the art exhibit if you're in the L.A. area any weekend from now until Nov. 4. "Hollywood Most Wanted" is artist Rachel Schmeidler's (she went to college with Zachary) Warholian look at celebrities via mug shots of the likes of Paris, Nicole, Anna Nicole, Elvis, etc. (which are all public domain). Email for details.

Kingsley in Miami: Are Milo and Hayden dating? I saw they went to the Kings game together on Saturday.
The better question is whether this is a clear indicator of the Apocalypse: When the JumboTron showed Milo and Hayden, the crowd didn't make a peep. But when the big screen showed Cuba Gooding Jr., the place went wild. Say whaaa?

Lee Pace

ABC/Justin Stephens

Shira in Chicago: I love Pushing Daisies so much. Spill some scoop!
No, I love Pushing Daisies so much. Well, actually, you all seem to love it: Pushing Daisies' 79 percent Save It percentage was by far the most positive reaction to any new show this season in our Save It or Sink It Polls. Go Bryan Fuller! Meanwhile, I hear episode five is a crossover episode with Big Love. Okay, not exactly, but it is about polygamy...The husband gets murdered, and the Daisies gang has to figure out which of his four wives dun it. Hilarious, no?

Maria in Venice Beach, California: How I Met Your Mother!
Winnie Cooper (aka Danica McKellar) returns to the show tonight, and brings Busy Philipps along for a little threesome action with Ted! Korbi visited the set when they were filming and asked Josh Radnor if he'd done extensive research for the episode! He had this to say: "We actually had a conversation backstage and we aired some secrets...though sadly, some of us didn't have any secrets to air. You know, I'll tell you something weird. This summer, I went on a road trip with one of my friends, and I MapQuested the wrong directions, and we got completely lost and ran out of gas in the backwoods of Arizona. We literally had to sleep in our car by this gas station until it opened in the morning. And I was like, you don't understand, this is exactly what happened to me and Marshall in this 'Road Trip' episode we did! So now, I'm starting to think that the show is actually manifesting things in my real life, so when I read the 'Threesome' episode, I thought, hmmm, things could get interesting for me." And speaking of interesting, check out Cool Stuff to catch up on Danica McKellar's recent, somewhat shocking nonacting-related undertakings. Winnie Cooper's all grown up, people.

Kate in Asheville, North Carolina: I thought I was upset about Ted and Robin breaking up, but I'm kind of liking the change.
So is Josh Radnor: "It's superfun. Working with Cobie was cool, because you know, she's very talented. Personally, though, a really awful person." Ha! He kids. Mother couldn't be a happier family, which the newly married Busy Philipps confirmed. Busy's husband, who is a good friend of Josh's, gave the two special permission to make out in tonight's ep: "He's okay with it, because it's Josh. He loves Josh."

Stella in Houston: Anything on How I Met Your Mother?
We got your season two gag-reel preview right here.

Meranda in Tehachapi, California: How is tonight's episode of Chuck?
I think it's better than last week's, and you guys are gonna dig it! By the by, for you who are confused about how to spell Yvonne's (Sara) last name, Zach Levi (Chuck) breaks it down for you: "It's Yvonne Strahovski. But we've nicknamed her Yvonne Strahotski 'cause basically she's that hot, and I think she deserves it!" And before the rumors begin, Zach says there is no real-life love connection. "No, I love them both (Yvonne and Sarah Lancaster) like sisters. We just work together all day long together and have a blast. It's fun."

Caterina in Brooklyn, New York: How did Friday Night Lights do in the ratings? It's my favorite show, and I'm so worried no one's watching!
Good news! FNL premiered to more than six million pairs of eyeballs. Now, we know that's not a huge number, but it's certainly not bad for a Friday evening. NBC could do worse. Plus, it tied CBS' Moonlight in the all-important 18-49 demo, which makes advertisers happy. All in all, a good sign for the season. Yay!

Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof

Albert L. Ortega/

Pablo in Buenos Aires: I read what you thought of Viva Laughlin and that Alexis Denisof was close to getting the lead role. Any chance you have information on any upcoming roles for him? I really don't understand why the best actor in the Whedonverse isn't working at all.
Funny you should mention...I just ran into Alexis and Alyson Hannigan at Zach Quinto's art-exhibit reception, and I can tell you that (A) A&A are still the most adorable married couple in the Biz, (B) he was up for the role of the cop, not the lead on that crap-ass show and (C) I couldn't agree with you more, and if you ask me, there hasn't been a series worthy of Alexis yet!

Suzie from somewhere in the U.K.: Watch the skies over the Universal buildings in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 10 a.m. This will be the third flyover in a campaign to get CSI to re-sign Jorja Fox! Jericho is peanuts compared to this!
Will do, and best of luck.  

Thomasina in Orlando: Please tell me you're loving Gossip Girl. I'm totally hooked!
Hmmm...Let's have Kristen Bell narrate this answer: Could it be that K, that frumpy little couch potato, has started to see the lights of the "glamorous" Upper East Siders? K was spotted over the weekend in a not-so-fabulous (no butler, no foot spa) West Coast crib, giggling and squealing and even misting up as she watched the second and third episodes of Gossip Girl. Word is, K even tried to convert her man J to the GG love (he didn't fall for it) and her next prey might be...her skeptical WWK readers. Uh-oh, looks like trouble in paradise...Get ready for an all-out catfight! XOXO, Gossip Girl.   

Dave from New Mexico: Are the castmembers of Beauty and the Geek filmed 24/7?
According to Hollie and Josh, aka the "married couple," the camera crew actually has weekends off. I'm also told the cast didn't know the house had hidden microphones, and when they found out, they would wake up in the middle of the night and scream random comments into them. They sure showed those producers, eh?! Totally worth the sleep deprivation!

Olivia in Irvine, California: October Road?!
Shooting for the series has moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles, so look for slightly less New England-style foliage in Knights Ridge this season. According to Bryan Greenberg, "Nick finds himself engrossed in everybody's life; he can't really leave. It's about being a man and not running away, but Nick is a very impulsive that leads to a lot of situations where he's apologizing for his actions." And I know you're still wondering about Sam's parentage—well, so is Laura Prepon. "I have my conclusion of who the dad is, but they won't even tell me," she says. Don't these actors know to put "full disclosure of upcoming plot points" in their contracts?!

Callie in Seattle: Battlestar Galactica!
Our Cool Stuff blog has the Razor preview that premiered last night during Flash Gordon. Check it!


Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Wallace in Portland, Oregon: I wasn't really feeling the last episode of Grey's. Tell me it gets better! Give me some spoilers!
I have to admit, I was a smidge lukewarm on it myself (and though it kills me to say it, ditto for that other show I love in the same time slot). As for spoilers, I can tell you an upcoming Grey's episode involves a plastic-surgery patient who has sex with a constipated patient and it relieves his constipation and that there has to be better stuff than that coming up, right?! (If you thinking I'm being harsh on our Seattle Grace gang, feel free to set me straight in the Comments.)

Francisco in Los Angeles: DH is so good this season! Bring on the scoop!
You're talking about Desperate Housewives, right? Not Designing Hoochies? (Note: That is not a real show name, but I couldn't think of another DH series so you must be talkin' Wisteria.) I can tell you that Mike Delfino's dad is coming on the show...Susan thinks he's dead, but he ain't. 

George from Grand Haven, Michigan: Chuck?
Look for Morgan to have some lip-locking action with coworker Anna.

Micky in Alexandria, Louisiana: I like Rashida Jones, but good riddance to Karen Filippelli. So glad Jim and Pam are together!
PB&J forever! But don't forget that we will be seeing more of Karen this season. Word is you'll soon learn where Karen is now working and how she really feels about the whole Jam situation.

Ryan in Toronto: Since we fans worked tirelessly to bring Jericho back, can you reward us with a little scoop about the upcoming season!?
You got it. Skeet says of the upcoming seven eps: "We wind up fighting for our lives against an opponent much bigger than us, and I won't tell you the results, but it's certainly a ride to be a part of it." Also, Sprague Grayden says Heather's definitely not dead. Just in case you were wondering…And they love you and thank you for all your work on behalf of the show.
Jesse Plemons, Friday Night Lights

Bill Records/NBC

May in Reston, Virginia: What's coming up on Friday Night Lights?
The next two eps are fantastic! You gotta watch. For starters, we find out Landry lost his watch at the crime scene (ruh-roh!), but this whole nasty debacle might actually help his love life. Stand by for a yelp-worthy scene for you Tyra and Landry fans! Wheee! Also, Riggins helps Lyla with her drunk daddy, and Matt Saracen gets a live-in nurse for his grandma who's so beautiful, I can't help but think she's a love interest. (The nurse, not the granny. Tee-hee.)

Bethany in Memphis: Friday Night Lights!
It's all FNL all the time today: Jason Street starts online dating, but that's not where he meets his new love interest. Oh, and since I mentioned it in Friday's FNL blog item, for you wondering what Kyle Chandler and Taylor Kitsch (Riggins) have nicknamed each other on set: "Piss" and "S--t," since they are normally the first and second on call to be on set. Told ya this cast doesn't put on any airs!
Bret Harrison, Reaper

Chris Large/The CW Network, LLC.

Katie in San Francisco: Reaper is the best new show on TV! How long is it gonna take for Sam and Andi (Missy Peregrym's character) to hook up?
They're probably gonna draw that one out for a while. In fact, I hear Sam may be meeting up with the devil's daughter soon, and it sounds like he kind of has the hots for her. 

Garcelle in Los Angeles: How good is Dirty Sexy Money?! A friend of mine told me that Nick's dad is actually joining the show. Is he not really dead? Is that the big twist?
We looked into it, and what we're hearing is they are casting an actor to play Dutch George. But apparently he only appears in the many upcoming flashbacks. 

Karina in Miami: I know Blair Underwood is joining Dirty Sexy Money, but can you tell us anything about his character?
His name is Simon Elder, and he's America's wealthiest billionaire. We're talking Bill Gates-type money. In fact, I'm hearing he's the inventor of some sort of computer technology of the future. The Darlings go head-to-head with him trying to buy up New York property, as if they're all trying to be the new Donald Trump. Essentially, Simon will be the family's archrival. I'm also told he's a yoga expert and into clean living. 

Kerry in Hendersonville, North Carolina: I am really missing the wonderful season promos for one of my all-time fave shows, Medium. Any whisper of when it will appear midseason?
We checked, but no word yet, sorry. But speaking of whispering, in an upcoming episode, Allison totally loses her hearing! She comes down with a bad case of "sudden sensorial hearing loss" and goes stone deaf! Good thing she has that extrasensory perception to lean on.

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Randy Tepper/CBS

Alan in Los Angeles: Dexter is knocking my socks off. What's coming up?
The show kills me, it's so good. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Okay, keep your eye on Laguerta. Do not take your eyes off Laguerta. Just because when the Laguerta-related twist happens at the end of episode four, you're going to enjoy looking back and seeing what you missed! Also, further down the line...Rita's kids go missing! Damn. I would not want to be the guy who takes Dexter's babies away from him.

Mary in Auburn, Georgia: I'm excited for October Road to come back. Do you know if the college girl Aubrey is out of the picture?
We're hearing no, actually. In fact, it sounds as though we get to know Aubrey better, learning about her rocky childhood, and even meeting her absent father who might move to Knights Ridge.

Celia in Salisbury, Connecticut: I need Bones news!
The Skeleton Crew has dubbed the cannibal-cult killer Gormagon, which is apparently also the name of an effed-up kind of ancient monster. Meanwhile, how's this for a sick shocker? (And I do mean sick as in deranged, not in the way the kids be sayin' it these days.) While waiting to speak to their new therapist, Booth confesses to Brennan that their recent fetish case got to himhe recently had a pony play sex dream! As for his partner in the dream? Booth gets flustered and quickly changes the subject when Brennan poses that very question. So, hmmm...I think we got our answer! Also: Yuck!

Jake from Seattle: Smallville?
While the new editor in chief of the Daily Planet seems like the picture of perfection, you might want to think again. There's something dark behind those pearly whites.
Jensen Ackles

WB/Brett Panelli

Jessica from Reno, California: Supernatural?
The Book of Shadows is making a return to TV, but this time the Halliwell sisters are not involved. This time it's a group of desperate housewives who form a coven when they get their hands on the magic book. Also, the way Dean receives the amulet has nothing to do with supernatural forces!

John in West Hollywood, California: You don't cover it too much, but anything on Criminal Minds?
Just our deepest apologies for not covering Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) more heretofore. We promise to amend our ways. In the meantime, we hear from an inside source at the show that the Frankie Muniz ep is super: "The episode focuses on a graphic novelist, and visually, it will be like no other CM you have ever seen. The script is freakin' amazing."

Quentin in Tacoma, Washington: Have you guys heard the rumor that season two of Mad Men will jump two years forward, to 1962?
We have heard it, and we ran it by a show rep, and we got a resounding "No comment." That's okay, though, since we're going straight to the source this coming Wednesday, when Mad Men is honored by the Paley Center for Media. Questions for the cast or crew? Email, and we'll try to get you answers!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh,  Jennifer Godwin, Michael Berner and Marisa Roffman

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