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Kevin in Chicago: Kristin, why must you wait a week to tell us who wins SOS? Is it just to cause us pain?
Yes. Mwah-ha-ha-ha. No, in all seriousness, I swear, it is not a diabolical plan to stress you guys out. It's just that we need the time to pull together reactions from the shows in question, sort through the fan video submissions and put it all together in a big, shiny, show-saving package. It will come out this Friday, so sit tight! 

Marcie in Utah: When does Heroes come back? I'm dying with this long hiatus!
You and me both, sistah! The show returns Apr. 23. And speaking of dying, I have a little exclusive scoop on a certain someone who might be coming back from the grave. Keep reading on down to the spoiler section!

Turniphead in Reston, Virginia: Thanks for the all-Lost Vine show. It was pretty funny—but is that all there is?
Not in the slightest. I got such a redonkulous amount of good Lost stuff while on the set that we're still sorting it out! Give us a little time, and then cancel your plans and brace yourselves for a deluge of Lost bonus videos.

Shari in Fountain Valley, California: Any scoop on Drive? I can't wait for that show; it will be awesome to have Nathan Fillion on the tube again!
I interviewed Nathan last week, and so help me, he made my knees weak while I was sitting down. I've seen footage from several episodes of Drive, and each installment is better than the next.

Jessica in Canton, Michigan: Friday Night Lights!! Any word on a second season?
I don't want to jinx it, but word around town is good. Connie Britton was just at the Entourage premiere and said, "We're feeling really positive about it. The show's gotten such good reviews and you know, Kyle Chandler's favorite thing to say is that there are two kinds of people: people who love the show and people who haven't seen the show! And so we're just hopin' to get more of those people who haven't seen it on board. We're really pluggin' for a second season." As for this week's finale, she said there are a couple of big surprises. It's an episode that brings everyone together more powerfully than ever, but also creates powerful friction and drama. You can definitely expect a cliffhanger, no doubt!

Monique in Chicago: I was wondering why you didn't include my favorite new show The Black Donnellys on your TV shows to save list? I have looked forward to Monday nights (for once) because of this show. Why the snub?
No snub intended! We didn't include The Black Donnellys on Save One Show because we normally don't put brand-new shows on the "save" list, and we didn't feel it was right to change the lineup midstream. For the same reason we didn't remove 30 Rock from the list of SOS candidates once it was picked up by NBC. But we love The Black Donnellys too, and NBC should definitely keep it on the schedule!

Jamie in Herrin, Illinois: Even though it's April, it feels like October here! So how about some scoop on October Road? Is it coming back?
As I understand it, after much wishy-washing on the part of the network, October Road is back Apr. 19 for the final two eps of the original six ordered. No word yet on whether it'll be back for the fall.

Tiffany in Palm Coast, Florida: Is Men in Trees ever coming back on? If so, when?
Yes, Men in Trees is coming back—in the fall. The remaining episodes from this season have been pushed until then, but the Alphabet net has been playing a crazy Twister game with its Thursday schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if they shifted it back again.

John in Naperville, Illinois: I haven't heard anything about Studio 60 in forever. I'm assuming it's totally done, right?
Well, while I wouldn't hold your breath for a second season, I can promise there are more episodes. In fact, they're still in production on the show as we speak, so you have that to look forward to at the very least.

Tara in Easton, Maryland: What do you hear of Michael Vartan's new show? I need details!
Michael Vartan's pilot for ABC is called Perfect Gentlemen. His costars include Dylan McDermott (The Practice), Christopher Titus (Titus), Josh Malina (The West Wing) and Nia Long (everything ever), so I think the chances are good that it'll get picked up for the fall.

Jennifer in Los Angeles: Are you watching Planet Earth on Discovery? I know your column isn't usually about nature shows, but it's amazing!
I am watching Planet Earth on Discovery, and I am dazzled. Yes, I know it's about baboons and stuff, but it's totally must-see TV, people! 

Shelly in Atlanta: Any word on how Raines is doing? I love that Jeff Goldblum.
I've heard that from a number of you, but NBC cut its episode order for Raines from 13 to 7 before the show even premiered. Not a good sign. Don't get too attached. Okay, there is too much bad news today, tubers. So, let's get to the spoilers—they're always guaranteed to make me do a happy Snoopy dance! 

(Don't read if you don't want to know!)

Kristin in Hollywood, California: Kristin, please tell me about this exclusive Heroes scoop you have!
Why, of course, Kristin. What a beautiful name. Sources tell me that Tawny Cypress, who plays Simone, is—drum roll, please—not off the show for good. Far from it! I'm told that even though she was "killed," Simone is coming back, along with her father (Peter's patient), in the season finale. It turns out she has abilities of her own, and as my source put it, "There are people on the positive and negative side. And Simone is on the negative side." Gaah! Oh, and according to another source, "[Simone and her father] may have some ties to some other characters that we had no idea about before." Double gaah! Can. Not. Wait.

Jolleen in Monterey, California: I'm so jealous that you got to hang out and interview my Heroes love, Zach(ary Quinto). Did you find out anything new about Sylar or the show that you didn't already reveal? about the fact that episode 21 is Sylariffic? According to Heroes creator Tim Kring, "We learn about his home life and where he came from, and after that episode, your opinion of him may change." In the meantime, I'll be polishing my Sylar shrine.

Masha in Berlin, Germany: Is Mohinder really dead on Heroes? Is Sendhil Ramamurthy leaving the show? Mohinder's my favorite character. Please tell me he stays!
Sweetheart, do you really think they'd allow that much hot bucket o' manliciousness leave the show? Please!

Cathy in St. Louis, Missouri: Okay, lady—you were on the set of Lost for a week. Tell us everything!
I signed in blood swearing not to divulge the bigger things I saw while visiting the Lost set (and oh, lordy, were there some bigger things!), but that doesn't mean I can't tell you what I didn't see. For example, that the episode after Sun and Jin's "D.O.C." is neither a Jack episode nor a Sawyer episode, as has been speculated. Oh, and from what I can tell, it's finally gettin' to be Lord of the Flies time. Get ready. It's gonna be good.

Christina in Dublin, Ireland: When will Jack and Claire find out they are related?
I asked Emilie de Ravin that very question during my Lost set visit, and here's her take: "There is going to have to be some kind of reference on our parts of our father or a photograph saying something to make that happen. But neither one of us talk much together anyway, let alone talk about our parents." 

Simone in Salt Lake City: Need. Lost.
Dr. Anna Graham spoke to Byron Chung, who plays Sun's dad (Mr. Paik) at the Lost Weekend fan party, and he told her, "I think you're gonna find out if Sun is her father's daughter in the upcoming episode and where she gets her spunk from." Let's hope he's talking about Sun's attitude.

Emily in Kingwood, Texas: Lost!
The casting call for the final two hours of season three includes a single mother, a doctor, a mortician, a pharmacist and a stewardess. The pharmacist and the stewardess are hardasses, the doc is a chief-of-staff, the single mother is tired and the mortician is kind of depressed, all of which adds up to...uh, you tell me!

Kate in Homewood, Alabama: Is it true that Audrey, er, I mean Busy Philipps from Dawson's Creek is going to be Turtle's new girlfriend on Entourage?
Actually, no. She does show up in next week’s ep and will give Turtle a little lovin’, but ultimately, they just aren’t compatible. However, I am hearing that Turtle lands a steady lady this season!

Barri in Encino, California: Carla Gugino is cool and all, but there's no way she stands a chance against Ari. Tell me Vince dumps her next week.
While I know Ari ultimately wins the war, you’re not gonna get rid of Carla that quickly. The boys are happy with her...for the time being. As for Ari, you see a kinder, gentler side of him next week. For all his abuse directed at Lloyd, he actually does care about him, and there is a line he won’t cross. Even if it means losing major business. Shocking, I know.

Julie in Farmingdale, New Jersey: Entourage! Gimme some Eric/Sloan scoop!
If you’re a "Slerik" fan, you’ll love next week’s ep. The boy gets himself into a bit of trouble, but nothing serious. It’s just fun to watch. I can tell you that I don’t see another threesome in their near future. Korbi ran into Malin Akerman (aka Lisa Kudrow’s baby girl on The Comeback) at the Entourage premiere, and she said that although she’s totally down to do another guest appearance, she hasn’t been asked as of yet. Still, Malin's pretty busy. She’s about to start work on a new film called 27 Dresses with Dr. Izzie Stevens (aka Katherine Heigl)! They’re playing sisters!

Markie in Westover Hills, Texas: I love Betty, but my favorite character is her nephew Justin. Can you give me some scoop on him? Are there any big Justin episodes coming up this year?
¡Por supuesto! I'm hearing the fabulously talented Mark Indelicato may get more time to shine in Justin's upcoming school musical. I'm also told we're going to meet a couple of the kid's friends, including a gal-pal who just may stick around through the duration of her awkward phase.

Joanne in Rochester, New York: Is it true that Mitch Pileggi, aka Skinner from The X-Files, appears in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy?
It is true! Mitch Pileggi plays a patient who, as a member of the hospital's board of directors, also happens to be the Chief's boss. (Mmmm…) By the way, Mitch also has an upcoming gig on Boston Legal, and in case you missed it, the man's recent guest spot on Cold Case as the father of a murdered child was heartbreaking.

Katie in Lynchburg, Virginia: Are Kitty and the senator gonna tie the knot on Brothers & Sisters? Gimme the dirt!
Well, I can tell you that there definitely is an engagement in the family before the end of the season. So, here's hoping it's Kitty and the Senator! I recently asked Rob Lowe how long he'd be stickin' around, and he said, "Right now, my deal is that I'm on the show until the end of the year. And then we'll just have to see what happens with Senator McCallister. So far, I'm having such a great time." I did a little more digging and asked Patricia Wettig about Holly's relationship with Saul, but she was similarly vague: "I still have hope, but I don't know the answer. Before, I thought there was a lot of hope, like maybe we were going to get married or something, but now I'm not sure. Ron Rifkin's one of my best friends. We love working together, so I would love [for that to happen]!"

Emilie in Adairsville, Georgia: I'm so happy Rob Lowe is staying on Brothers & Sisters! What's coming up for the senator?
We're going to watch the presidential candidate hit the campaign trail, of course. He's going to be courting the press, kissing babies and visiting wounded war vets. I'm actually hearing B&S is looking for real soldiers who have recently served in the Middle East to play the vet roles.

Carolina in Midway, Georgia: Carlos and Edie?! Is this a long-term thing, or does it fizzle out by next week?
I'm hearing Edie's got her heart set on Gaby's ex and continues to scheme for him at least through the end of the season, if not longer. 

Carrie in Hillsboro, Wisconsin: Have you heard anything about the new season of My Boys? Are P.J. and Brendan gonna be a couple?
Actually, no. I'm hearing Brendan has a new lady, one who makes P.J. feel somewhat intimidated. Perhaps because her feelings for him are still in full effect?

Jennifer in Ronkonkoma, New York: Is it true that Paulie kills Meadow on The Sopranos?                                 
A fellow E! reporter tried out a different Meadow-related murder rumor (can you believe there's more than one?) on Jamie-Lynn Sigler at The Sopranos premiere last week in New York, and Jamie-Lynn said, "Meadow whacking Tony? That would not be my ultimate ending. She loves her dad. I think her dad is the most important person in her life, and she has a very special bond with him, so I don't think that'll ever happen. And it doesn't. I can tell you that. She doesn't whack her dad…Meadow does no whacking. She's still living a respectable life." There you have it, folks: Meadow's a no-whack zone.

Sean in Erie, Pennsylvania: I really thought Uchenna and Joyce were gonna be the first team to win two Amazing Races. I'm sad to see them go.  Do you know who wins?
I don't know who wins, but Uchenna did say he was somewhat surprised to see this particular team cross the finish line first. As for him and Joyce, they've got a new mission to accomplish: getting pregnant! This morning, while I was interviewing Paris and Nicole (true story) the two told Korbi that they have been talked into filming their last round of in vitro fertilization and everything that goes along with it, including their ups and downs. Though they don't know when or where it will air, they're keeping their options open and are determined to make a baby! You can keep up with their progress at

Andrea in Falls Church, Virginia: Any dirt on Top Model?
I talked to latest eliminee Sarah last week, and she told me that Renee has "a lot of growing up to do." However, they still talk every now and then, even with Sarah's insanely busy schedule. Turns out modeling isn't really her true love. She actually worked her newly acquired ANTM connections to land a record contract and is currently recording her first album. She says it's a mix between Sheryl Crow and Corinne Bailey Rae. Interesting, right? She'll continue to pursue modeling and photography, but right now the music is her "main focus." 

Charlie in Cambridge, Ohio: Do you keep up with MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge? The new one starts Tuesday, and I was wondering what your thoughts were on this season.
I am always down for a new Challenge; it's like TV crack. And I hear that this season, a familiar villain gets the boot for using his boots inappropriately. 

That's all for today, tuberinos! Check back next week for the next live-ly Spoiler Chat! And in the meantime, you can always submit questions by clicking on the Ask Kristin button at left.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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