Maria Bello

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We usually see Towelhead's Maria Bello in small-type flicks like A History of Violence or her Oscar-nom'd turn in The Cooler. What's her hang-up with H'wood? Is she afraid she'd be cheating on independent film if she scored a big-budget part as Wonder Woman or something? "It's not so much that my heart belongs to independent movies," said M.B. at the creepy new flick's premiere. "I'm interested in good roles for women. And perhaps more studio roles are starting to get better for women, I'm not sure." Stick with what you're doing, Bel-babe, it's working.

Maria mentioned to us she's a huge politics nut—gal must be havin' a helluva year keeping up with all the back-and-forth candidates' brouhaha. So everyone's got an opinion on Sarah Palin—what's yours? Should Palin's Bristol's baby mess be kept separate from her politics? "I agree that her children are completely off limits—that's a boundary that we have to keep. I think any celebrity children should not be in the news media. But I think focusing on her foreign policy and what kind of person she is and what kind of leader she'll be is important."

Matt Damon couldn't agree more. Besides, Juno did it first, and Jamie Lynn did it better. Teenage pregnancy is so 2007.

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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