Blake Lively, America Ferrera

Darla Khazei,

It’s no surprise we’re into the goss, duh—it shocks us, tho, when other people ain’t so into it—or at least, say they aren’t. Ugly Betty babe America Ferrera says she doesn’t love Travelling Pants costar Blake Lively’s CW show, saying that Gossip Girl sends femmes the wrong message about how to behave.

Said A.F. to the Associated Press: “All the backstabbing shapes the way” gals treat one another, and that it teaches women “to be mean.”

Please, ‘Mer. Women were mean long before shows like Gossip Girl or The Hills hit the airwaves. We absolutely guarantee that cavewomen were bickering behind each other’s backs with grunting noises back in the B.C. days, just like today’s little girls yank each other’s pigtails on the playground.

Only difference is, Hollywood realized it could make money off a bunch of good-lookin’, bloodthirsty chicks one-upping one another. Then again, didn’t Heathers come out in the '80s, long before even the first 90210 hit the tube? The bitchy babe is here to stay. Get used to it, America. Both of you.

Oh, and let’s not rule out the menfolk, here—it’s a human trait to be competitive and backstabbing, not a female thing. Women are just better at slamming down the insults, while men usually like to settle disagreements with a Kanye-style smackdown. (Not us, ‘course—we use our effed up vocabulary, not our fists.) But what say you about the goss game? Which sex is the bigger—and better—back talker?

Goss Talk: Who's Got a Bigger Mouth?
Who's the biggest, bestest gossiper, gals or guys?

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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