Liberace, Steven Soderberg

John Rowlands, George Pimentel/Getty Images

First off, the Liberace flick that Steven Soderbergh's developing with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in mind has been on the Traffic dude's to-do list "for years," say those who know precisely what's in this guy's closest—and what isn't. But by no means is S2 not hyped to get going on the movie about the over-the-top pianist and his lover/driver/fellow sequin-wearer, Scott Thorson. Just the opposite.

"Steven read Thorson's book, Behind the Candelabra, best title ever," says our source, "and immediately wanted to do it." And the reason S.S. instantly wanted Douglas for the lead? Turns out Cathy Zeta-Jones's hub is famous for his Librace impression: "He's done it for years," blabbed the flick's know-it-all.

Less funny stuff: Basically, the book's about Liberace taking Thorson under is rhinestoned wing and convincing the young dude to get plastic surgery so he looks exactly like the big-schnozzed showman. And I thought folks who just got face-lifts for themselves were vain!

When Soderbergh asked Damon to play the used and sliced-up chauffeur, I'm told the famous Sarah Palin-basher "immediately said yes." Like in the Talented Mr. Ripley? "Yes," came the equally fast response from Camp Fruit, "[Matt]'s never been shy about playing gay."

So, ya see, you antigay freak, Palin? There you have it. There's your tailor-made, primo ammunition for fighting back one of your more notorious battlers. Just tell the world he's a commie-pinko, or whatever darling lingo it is that you fascist types utilize to discredit who those who don't agree with you.

But then that's another item, isn't it? Oh, and I'm told filming on the Soderbergh pic will be done next fall in Vegas, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, the troika of tumult cities, if I've ever heard one.

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