Matthew McConaughey, Surfer Dude

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Matthew McConaughey has a movie called Surfer, Dude coming out this weekend and while it doesn’t costar Kate Hudson, it does feature Matty-boy without a shirt on the entire time.

We met with him yesterday to talk about the movie, and, yeah, we mostly just wanted quotes about how baby Levi was destined to follow his father’s footsteps of shirtlessness, surfing and all-around chilled-out ‘tude. But we actually left feeling somewhat uplifted. It would be pretty awesome if he, like his mother, writes a motivational book. Actually, a video would probably be better, the Southern drawl is essential.

Now let’s get to the advice that kinda made us feel good for a second and will surely make its way down to Levi…

It all comes back to "Just Keep Living," the name of Matthew’s production company and children’s foundation as well as his personal mantra that anyone can apply to their life. Matthew explains:

"Just keep living is free enough that you can’t really ever make the wrong choice. And it’s not an ownership idea…Sometimes it’s as basic as waking up and saying, ‘Thanks for another d-a-y,’ you know? It wasn’t guaranteed. Other times, when you got other things going for you, it’s ‘What do I do with all the gifts I’ve been given?’ Sometimes it’s, ‘Let’s really bear down and get to work.’ Other times it’s, ‘Nope, it’s time to just sit here and relax and have a little listen to some music.’ Whatever that is, it’s something personal to everybody, it’s not just me. It’s helped me navigate."

So that’s how to think like Matthew McConaughey. Now all you need is a great tan (it glows so purty), killer abs and some waves, then you’ll really be on your way to true Matthew McConaugh-fication, or enlightenment, if you will.

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