Twin Towers burning, 9/11

AP Photo/Jim Collins/FILE

Screw this: As the sun of 9/11/08 rises over Ground Zero, at the bottom of my old hometown, New York City, my fave prez candidate, Barack Obama, is stooping to participate in idiotic dialogs about pigs, lipsticks and what may or may not have been a not so subtle zinger aimed at the governor of Alaska (consciously, I vote no on that one).

But what really pisses me off, as a result, is the lack of focus and respect from both podium preachers. And let's get real here, girlfriends, McCain's not the candidate here, Sarah Palin is, as McCain was far below Obama, rating- and heat-wise, until he decided to pick a running mate with a vagina, and solely for that purpose, too.

Sept. 11's a stunningly wrenching tragedy which palpably represents a disconnect in our country's grasp on how to best live with the rest of the world. Palin and Obama—and, yeah, McCain, too—have enormously different approaches on how best to stick up for our own people while respecting others—paramount issues needed for continuing to recover from the World Trade Center devastation, not to mention Iraq. And here we are talking about greasing the lips of hooved animals, so very high school.

Jeez, Barack, if you really want to lower yourself to Palin's bating tactics, go after the fact that she thinks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are taxpayer-supported institutions. Or at least call up Matt Damon and tell him which Disney character you'd most like to see play Palin. Ursula the sea witch, maybe?

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