Matt Damon used to be a guy with abs, but, after gaining a bunch of weight for his role in The Informant, can still be a guy with guts. And we value bravery over buffness (but barely). M.D. can ef Sarah Silverman on national TV and poke fun at himself with the best of ‘em, but when the dude’s pissed off, he’s not gonna hide it.

He won’t even sit and squirm and hide his opinions in a blog post, à la LiLo. No, M.D. says it all, loud and clear, and here he is dissing Sarah Palin’s expertise in the above Associated Press clip. He calls the whole sitch “a bad Disney movie,” but jeeze, we’re just glad it’s not a horrible Eddie Murphy comedy with everyone wearing fat suits.

Could be worse. We think the Alaskan governor should make her own “I’m f--king Matt Damon” viral vid to win back some fans from the Damon demographic. Tho we doubt Matty would approve to be in it. Can a Republican poor-man’s Matt step in? Are there any outspoken celeb Republicans besides Spencer and Jon Voight?

Do You Agree With Damon?
Does Matt Damon have a point on Palin?

—With additional sass by Becky Bain

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