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Jess in Temecula, Calif.: Thanks for the Private Practice scoop! But is it true that someone's leaving?! Help me...I love them all.
Someone is heading out the door on Private Practice, it's true. Want to know who? Check out the spoiler section below!

Rene in Oklahoma City, Okla.: I need to know what's coming up for my Friday Night Lights folks, especially Julie-Matt and Tim-Lyla!
OK, scroll down to the spoiler section, where I will make at least one of your Dillon, Texas, dreams come true. And as you read this, I am actually in Austin, Texas, at Casa de Taylor, stalking/interviewing castmembers...I just got a two-step lesson from Adrianne Palicki (no joke, and awesome, and she even let me be the girl) and heard about her hot new cowboy boyfriend Cash (meeting him later), and even met Saracen's mom! Got Q's about the show that only the cast can answer? Email me posthasty, ya'll!

Marcus in Rhode Island: I heard a rumor that Tori Spelling is now coming back to 90210. Is it true?

Luke Perry

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I heard the same rumor on Friday and checked with Tori's rep, who told me it's not true and that Tori is not signed on. The show's CW rep said the same. Bummer! But maybe it can be worked out for the future. I'm also hearing from sources that producers have gone after Luke Perry, Bryan Austin Greene and Jason Priestly to return but that so far, the guys have resisted coming on, which, according to sources, might make Kelly's toddler one very lonely little fatherless child, poor thing! (Deserting your fans is one thing, but your baby?! That's just wrong.)

Mailey in Oahu, Hawaii: Any new gossip on the new addition to Grey's Anatomy, Kevin McKidd?
If you've seen the latest Grey's Anatomy promo, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it tease of McKidd and Cristina (Sandra Oh). Those two are so on, and I'm liking it! By the way, if you have any questions for the newest McHottie gracing Seattle Grace, we will get a chance to speak with him soon, so send in your questions to tvdiva@eonline.com.

Lily in Grand Rapids, Mich.: I've heard rumors that Cameron on House is going to be expecting a little surprise this season. Is there any truth to this?
I will investigate this and all your other burning House Q's when I interview the cast this Friday. Got something you need to know about House and friends? Email me at tvdiva@eonline.com, or post in these-here comments!

Greg: Please give me something good on Scrubs!
This news is bittersweet, but as you read this tonight, Scrubs is wrapping on what the cast and crew are calling their last-ever episode. (Last episode of the season, and very likely of the series.) Creator Bill Lawrence is directing the finale, which is called, appropriately, "My Finale." I'm in Texas, so Jen is hitting the set for the farewell champagne toast (sniff). I'll be raising a Shiner Bock from here.

Jess in Phoenix: OK, I'm liking Sons of Anarchy (so far), but one thing is driving me crazy: What is the heck is that tattoo on Maggie Siff's character's back?! I need a "zoom" function on my TiVo!
According to Maggie Siff, "Tara's tattoo is a crow, for SAMCRO. It's what the women get branded with when they become members of the tribe." Just between you and me, if you look closely at the stamp on Tara's ass, you'll see that the fine print reads, "Private property of Jax Teller. Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again." Also, Charlie Hunnam tells me that things really start revving up in episode three (when Jay Karnes' ATF Agent Kohn arrives), so hang in there for that.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Wanda2Saints: OK, seriously, who's leaving Private Practice?
In the second season premiere, our dear Dell (Chris Lowell) up and quits his job! His departure will cause lots of disruption for the remaining castmembers, but don't worry, Chris isn't leaving the show.

Nathaniel in Washington, D.C.: What can you tell me about Heroes' future?
Let's see...Matt Parkman's (Greg Grunberg) future is drawn for him by an African bushman, and in the world's future, the sky is full of people who can fly. It'll be just like The Jetsons! Except, you know, no flying contraptions needed. This is a future I'm looking forward to 'cause the traffic on the 405 is killing me.

Emma in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Can you tell me anything more about Ali Larter's character's powers on Heroes?
You know the reporter played by William Katt of Greatest American Hero who confronts "Tracy Strauss" (Ali Larter) with evidence that she's actually "Niki Saunders"? Well, there's a reason he's only in one episode, and that reason is that someone kills him by accident. (Wait a minute, could Ali be playing a character with a lethal power? Noooo!) Also, after Tracy begins to believe the reporter might be right about her real identity, she sets off to find the doctor who delivered her, in hopes that he can tell her more about her origins. She finds out at summer camp she has an identical twin, and they set off on a mischievious but adorable mission to get their parents to reunite. Or wait, that last sentence may have been from another story.

Kim in Las Vegas: Kristin! I am worried for PB+J on The Office. Will their relationship survive with Pam in New York?
From what I can tell, Jim and Pam will be just fine and are still very much a part of each other's lives this season (at the very least for the first five or so episodes). I'm hearing something about use of the "world's smallest Bluetooth" keeping them constantly connected as they go about their separate days.

Zachary Levi

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Flower in Los Angeles: Do you have more news about my favorite show, Chuck? Thanks!
A character who's been a part of the show since the very beginning will die in the season premiere. Any guesses? In other scoop from the Chuck wagon, you may find yourself crying when one of our favorite couples splits up. (Or maybe I'm just a softie?) And a certain Nerd Herder may be up for a field-agent position. Hmmm...

Cathee: We are starving for House info! Please, pretty please?
Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) is getting a kickass storyline this year that is also very intense and heart-wrenching. As you know, we found out last season that she has the debilitating genetic disorder Huntington's disease. In the premiere, this will give her a whole new ballsiness and outlook on life, which is pretty cool. We'll also be flashing back to her childhood, when we'll also meet her ill mother, who also suffered and died from the disease.

Toni V.: How about some info on Friday Night Lights, any little bit would be welcome. Cannot wait for the new season to start!
Romance-wise, I'm hearing the following: Matt and Julie, cavorting in a lake, at twilight. I don't care what anyone says, as far as I'm concerned, there's no way that's not ending in nooky. Also, I'm hearing that Landry's (Jesse Plemons) gonna be makin' time with a cute girl bassist named Devin Corrigan, but it has more to do with Crucifictorius (his rockin' band!) than with any romantic canoodling, as she's only a ninth grader.

Michael in Boston: Can you share anything about Pushing Daisies this season?
You would think that the upcoming return of Charles Charles (Chuck's dad) to Coeur d'Coeur might solve the problem of Ned having supposedly offed Chuck's dad, but on the contrary, I'm told the circumstances of his return will probably cause the greatest rift we've ever seen between the Ned and Chuck. Poopie!

Oprah Winfrey, Oprah's Big Give


Ellen in Indianapolis: You said Oprah has something to do with a feud between Tracy and Jenna on 30 Rock? What's up with that?
The reason Tracy and Jenna are fighting is because of Tracy's porno videogame, Goregasm!, made about a trillion dollars (that might not be an exact amount), and Jenna wants a cut of the profits for having provided the orgasmic audio track. Liz Lemon wants Oprah to help with the dispute resolution, proving she is way too freaking cool to go the obvious and superlame route of Dr. Phil.

Rakel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Hi Kristin, what have you got on Brothers & Sisters? Any scoop?
We'll be meeting a fellow soldier whom Justin (Dave Annable) knows from his time in the Middle East. It turns out Justin saved his life, but he isn't too keen on going into details, and that will drive a wedge between him and Rebecca (Emily VanCamp), and it may send him running for a drink. Oh, and will Robert McAllister start having an affair? According to a reporter, he is. And for the record, that reporter is not me, and I hope for Kitty's sake it's not true.

Elizabeth in Westchester, N.Y.: Will Nate and Vanessa ever be together on Gossip Girl?
It is not looking likely. Not only am I hearing of a totally messed-up, possible romance in the works for Vanessa and Rufus (have your vomit barrel standing by), but that pretty though vicious cougar (Duchess Catherine aka Mädchen Amick) is going to be doing a little blackmail action that keeps Nate at her side—whether he likes it or not—indefinitely.

Michael in Michigan City, Ind.: Do you have any news on Burn Notice?
There are two more episodes left this season, and we soon learn that Michael is not the only operative that Carla has been running, and that means she considers him disposable. In the next ep, Fiona also introduces us to her boyfriend, Campbell, and the addition of a third party in the Michael-Fiona thing leads directly to a scene in the summer finale (airing Thurs., Sept. 18) that I think is the most amazing Michael-Fiona scene we've ever had. Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar totally kill. It's, like, even better than sex—or more specifically the sex scene they had last season.

Shenae Grimes

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Holly in Charleston, W.V.: I actually really liked the premiere of 90210. And hello, can we talk about Annie's love interest?  Who is that guy, and will he be sticking around? Can you give him my phone number?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back off, mama. I'm planning a little blackmail/cougar action of my own, just as soon as my husband signs off on it. (Inappropriate fake TV crushes are hard for a tall girl to find!) That would be (6-foot-3-inch) Adam Gregory, who plays jet-setting singer Ty Collins, and at this point, he is not a series regular but is a strong recurring, so we should be seeing much more of him in coming weeks, and if the chemistry keeps on kickin', producers may make him a series regular. 

Diana in Shaker Heights, Ohio: I am so excited that Jennie Garth is back on 90210! Got any dish on Kelly Taylor's future?
Ryan Eggold said your big chance to look for a steamy Ryan-Kelly hookup is in tomorrow night's episode.

Kerry in Santa Monica, Calif.: Anything we should know about Life? Thanks!
Well, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so floss every day and take your vitamins. Also, on the off chance you're talking about the show Life, remember that young girl Rachel Crews has been searching for? She's going to pop up in the premiere, leaving Dani Reese's bad dad Jack Reese in a terrible position. In fact, Reese is going to have some people putting some serious pressure on him. Oh, and Dani also is going to discover that someone at the station has a crush on her.

Cate in Chicago: Can you tell me anything about what's happening with Lipstick Jungle this season?
Despite the addition of Rosie Perez and hair extensions for Lindsay Price (neither of which, sorry, I'm yet sold on yet!), the show is looking really solid. In fact, possibly even better than last season. There is a funeral in the first episode, and let's just say the storyline for Nico (Kim Raver) is gripping and heartbreaking and intense and starts off with her husband Charles buying a framed photo Kirby took of Nico. Scandalous, right? By the end of the ep, Charles won't be living in New York City any longer, and there's also a huge surprise courtesy one of his students that will send Nico into a tailspin that'll last for a good part of the season. What's that? You want a clue? No way! Because oooh, baby, this one's a doozy.

Cami in East Rutherford, N.J.: Are J.D. and Elliot getting back together this season on Scrubs?
I ran into Sarah Chalke herself at the Pink Blackberry party at the new Intermix boutique on Robertson (that place is like an art gallery of gorgeous shoes, I'm tellin' ya), and she told me, "I don't know." Wait, really, you don't know? "OK, I totally know, but I'm totally not allowed to tell you. We actually do resolve that a little more in season eight. We're filming our last episode next week." Sniff. And even though Chalke isn't sharing, I can tell you this: J.D. and Elliot do get together in season eight, but the show underplays that storyline so it's more or less happening in the background. Now, might Sarah be up for season nine if such a thing were to happen? "Yeah! Scrubs has just been the best job. We all feel like we've won the lottery, getting this eighth season."

Marissa in San Jose, Calif.: When does the new season of Scrubs premiere? I miss J.D!
Don't we all. ABC has yet to set a premiere date, but when it returns, two heavy hitters will grace our tube again. J.D.'s baby mama, Kim (Elizabeth Banks), and his nemesis, Sean (Noel, er, Scott Foley), are back and it just so happens that they're dating!

Marshal in Buffalo, Wyo.: I'm so happy that Boston Legal gets another season, what can you dish?
Boston Legal
is (almost) back, and we'll be getting a few huge surprises right off the bat: Alan's ex goes head-to-head with him in the courtroom, Shirley's granddaughter shows up and Denny is found unconscious on the floor! It may be the last season, but they seem to be going out with a bang!

Heather in Yakima, Wash.: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes back next week, and you haven't scooped it at all! What's the deal?
I know! Shame on me 'cause I love that show! The premiere episode is called "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters," but the boys aren't going gay, they're just playing the most dangerous game: actually hunting man. In other cannibalism-related news, Dee and Charlie accidentally eat human meat and are suddenly craving it. Maybe that's how Hannibal Lector started, too.

Kindra in San Jose: Saving Grace?
I can tell you there's a new angel in town, and he's trying to beat out Earl when it comes to being the preeminent heavenly influence over Grace.

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Deb in Miami: How about a little on Supernatural?
There are angels everywhere on TV right now, and specifically, we'll be meeting two angels this season on Supernatural, but they aren't pretty babies like the ones on your refrigerator magnet: Castiel and his partner Uriel are badass seraphim. Imagine Julian McMahon with wings...Both characters will be recurring, but look for more trouble from Uriel, who is not a fan of the human race in general and who doesn't want Sam and Dean succeeding in particular.

Christina: All this "Rikki is coming back to CSI: NY" talk is very nerve-racking to Danny/Lindsay fans. Can you dig up any hopeful news for us? Or just make some up!
OK, I can tell you that a show insider told me, "Danny and Lindsay's relationship will continue stronger than ever with a little bump along the way." And I will let you all decode that phrasing for yourselves, especially in light of the Rikki pregnancy talk...

Kortnee in Virginia: Any scoop on CSI?
Sources confirm to me that Tippi Hedren (legendary star of Hitchcock's The Birds) will guest on an upcoming episode of CSI (Vegas flavor) as a matriarch with a mysterious past.

Gwen in Tacoma, Wash.: Kristin, would love some more Criminal Minds info!
We'll be flashing back to Morgan's (Shemar Moore) childhood and his experience of seeing his father killed before his eyes.

Bear in Birmingham, Ala.: Got anything good on my girl Samantha Who?
Paging Sebastian Bach! Sam Who wants you—or another real, live (with or without dead liver) '80s rocker for an upcoming episode. In it, Sam meets said rocker, and he's so charmed that she doesn't know who he is (because of the amnesia, see) that they start dating, but when she regains some of her memories, it gets a little complicated.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Natalie Abrams

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