MTV's Video Music Awards are this weekend, and we're lukewarm on the whole affair. Russell Brand as the host? We've only seen this Brit bloke once before, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which feels like eons ago, and those VMA commercials costarring bigger name candy Britney.

Which poses the question, why isn't B.S. hosting the whole damn show? That's the only reason why anybody tuned in last year, train wreck wobbling or not, and we're betting that's why anybody's tuning in this time around. (Anyone who isn't a Jonas Bro fan, at least.) Sure, she may be opening the ceremony, whatever that turns out to be, but once Brit-Brit's time to shine or slime is kaput, it's gonna take a lot to keep us entertained for two more hours. Check out B-babe's moves in the clip above and tell us she doesn't have the goods (if not the greats) for a second chance. Let's just hope Kid Rock gets unleashed on the crowd at some point, throwing punches all around in preparation for his next mug shot. And maybe the girl Katy Perry pecks during her "Like a Virgin" performance—which is not only blasphemy but redundant after the Brit and Christina duet and Madonna smoocheroo five years ago—will be none other than Madge herself, who just can't get enough lady lip-locking at the VMA's.

Can ya blame us for wanting more of Spears? She's captivating to watch, whether she's with it or not. Then again, sometimes this milk-it-till-you-drop thing backfires. Just look at Courtney Love (or rather, don't). So, what say you, folks: Should Britters be making all these public appearances (the more official kind—we don't mean stopping by Rite Aid), or should be jump off the radar for a while?

Britney: Get Back or Back Off?
Should Britney be bouncing from event to event?

—Additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

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