On his first crack at hosting Saturday Night Live, Jason Segel got out all his nervous jitters with a good ol' fashioned Muppets jingle—and a serious make-out session with Paul Rudd!

"I gotta be totally honest," Segel said in his opening monologue. "The one thing I was really nervous about tonight was this monologue…because I really have no idea what to say. So, if you guys don't mind I thought maybe I would sing a song about the way I feel instead."

Segel then hopped on the piano, and after saying he fulfilled two dreams this year—hosting Saturday Night Live and "making a movie with the Muppets," Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog popped up to get the party started (along with a few others from the Muppets gang).

And then it was time for some action. 

In the "Kissing Family Thanksgiving sketch," in which the 31-year-old Muppets star brings his girlfriend home to meet the parents (and the rest of his way too affectionate Vogelcheck family), Segel plants some inappropriate wet ones on his mother (Kristen Wiig), his father (Fred Armisen), his brother (Bill Hader), a homeless man named Pete who drops by (Andy Samberg) and his brother (Paul Rudd), whom he tounged down (we kid you not).

But, that was just the beginning of Segel's raunchy shenanigans.

In the "Kemper Pedic Bed" sketch, Segel plays one of the creators of the Kemper-pedic me-time mattress, and appears in a naughty commercial with his wife (Vanessa Bayer). 

"Stacy will sleep soundly no matter what I'm doing," Segel says, as he goes on to roll dice, pound pizza dough and um, "adjust change" in his pajama pockets.

And let's not forget Segel's turn as an indecisive Andre the Giant trying to choose the perfect ice cream flavor.

Not to be outdone, however, Kermit the Frog served as Seth Meyers' special guest host on a special edition of "Weekend Update" called "Really?!" And Olivia Wilde was even on hand briefly, in a sketch called "Seducing Women Through Chess."

So, tell us, what did you think of Segel's SNL debut?

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