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Stay with us a sec here, but, darlings, Meg Ryan's got more nerve than Russell Crowe's butt has cellulite. See, we hauled our not-yet-lipoed asses over to Westwood last night for the premiere of The Women, a remake of one of our fave films.

Think of it as a mix between Sex and the City and the Spice Girls circa the reunion tour with fab getups. The all-gal flick deals with myriad kinds of raggy relationship drama, par-tick infidelity.

Speaking of which, we caught up with Meg Ryan looking gorge, minus her strange lips—whomever they belong to, we simply have no idea. M.R.'s character, Mary, has to decide whether or not to take back her scum of a man after a cheating incident. Meg-doll has had her fair share of public relationship drama regarding this subject, natch, so we asked her if she would take back a dude who's been unfaithful—ya know, if someone did to her what she did to Dennis Quaid?

The peroxided pixie started shaking her head and said, "I doubt it. I don't know, I mean that's what we all talk about. We're all constantly talking about it, the ex factor, both in the film and on set," Meg-poo dished strangely.

It was as if she was talking about the whole stepping-out dynamic in the third person. I dunno, maybe that's how she's gotten through the tabloid-tried days all this time since she broke up her marriage with Quaid, via Russell Crowe while they were making Proof of Life?

Back to the cheating expert: "In Mary's case, she really loves this guy. Does she stay or does she go? She has a daughter [just like Ryan has a son with Quaid]. I think [writer-director Diane English] makes an interesting case both ways. We had a lot of discussion about that."

OK then, babe, since you're so comfortable talking more in the ethereal sense, let's get to the basics:

So who cheats more, men or women? Meg pondered for a quick before douching out with the PC answer: "I don't know. I'm sure there's a statistic on that." Little touchy on that subject, we suppose.

And what better way to save Ms. R from her domestic discomfort than with a ridiculously perky Tara Reid barreling down the carpet, like she's at some Greek disco party handing out free ouzo. T-poo, with her boobs in place for once, showed up talking a million miles per sec, and we asked her the same Q, of course, 'bout who's more susceptible to cheating.

"I would say guys; guys would say girls," T slurred out in one stiff breath. Okeydoke. But seriously, what was she doing there? Even though she's not in the movie, Tara darlin' told us she was present 'cause, "It's inspiring. It's a really good movie. And all about women power. I think it's gonna be really good."

That's presh, T, so you must have seen the original then? Ain't it great? "No I haven't seen it, but my friends saw the play."

And what fool said Tara Reid's comeback was never going to happen?

—Additional English-effin reporting by Taryn Ryder

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