Robert Downey Jr.


When a movie star asks for $20 million for a movie, does he really get that in his bank account?
—Dupe, Belgium

No. They get only a fraction of that, actually. But do not rend your garments on behalf of the A-listers, for, as any good Answer B!tch fan knows, stars still take home enough cash to pay for roughly three personal assistants, at least three homes, three nannies per every one of their children and a spiked collar for the publicist.

Let's turn to an example. Robert Downey Jr.'s latest asking price per film is now a reported $12.5 million. Let's just assume that's what he'll get for appearing in Iron Man 2.

Of that $12.5 million, exactly how much will Downey Jr. get to keep in walking-around money? It goes like this:

Downey's agent at CAA will likely take 10 percent.

The actor's business manager probably will take 5 percent.

Downey's manager or attorney might take around 15 percent.

Taxes will claim roughly 50 percent.

Household people and other minions—publicists, assistants, chefs, house managers, etc.—take an estimated 10 percent.

That leaves about 10 percent left over—or $1.25 million—in Maybach money. But again, no tears for Downey Jr. I bet he gets the flying Iron Man suit thrown in for free.

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