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My countdown of fall TV stars I love continues to today with Kyle Bornheimer, who will make you laugh out loud (a lot) on his new show Worst Week. Click in to get to know him a little better and hear him explain his new show!

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 Who He Is: Kyle Bornheimer is (a) a total sweetheart in real life and (b) the star of any number of high-larious TV commercials. Worst Week is his first major leading role.

Where to Meet Him: Kyle and Worst Week join CBS' Monday comedy lineup on Sept. 22. It should fit in perfectly since it has both the bawdy elements that make Two and a Half Men a hit and the smarts that keep HIMYM and Big Bang so awesome.

Why You'll Love Him: Watch the video and read the Q&A below! How could you not love him?

I am so excited about your show; I laughed out loud repeatedly. I'm hearing a lot of good reaction from people who've seen it. Have you been hearing that as well?
We have been getting a lot of good buzz; just amongst ourselves, we're really having so much fun, and we're so confident. We're in that nice creative bubble, where just every idea is topping the other ideas. I'm having the time of my life and I hope it's translating...It seems to be. I've seen some dailies, the kind of vibe in general has been very positive, and people seem to like it.

Have you seen yourself up on a billboard?
Yes, what'd you think?

It's very sexy.
Sexy is an interesting word to use for that. I appreciate that. That wasn't usually the first word that comes to people's mind.

So Worst Week, for people who aren't familiar with it yet—how would you describe it?
It's like the folly of life with all the boring bits taken out. You're going through all these kind of rights of passage that a guy my age would go through: babies and marriage. The week leading up to those events, and how he's just trying to pull it off with grace and harmony, and he's totally not doing that. In any way. And the more he tries, the more he kind of falls over himself, but he's so positive, he just gets right back up. He's like a really enthusiastic puppy, he's just like "I want to come guys," and then he slams right into the screen door without opening it. He's such a life lover that he just gets right back up, so you get a lot of cringe moments, and a lot of feeling for him moments, and a lot of you're mad at him because he gets ahead of himself at moments.

How would you describe your character?
I like to see him as a guy who makes kind of grand plans, and life kind of gets in the way, and he gets kind of knocked off his game a little bit; the writers have just come up with such hilarious scenarios for him. It's very, very funny.

Check out Worst Week when it premieres Sept. 22 on CBS, and see the very, very funny for yourself!

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