Sarah Palin

AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

Since we had our say yesterday about leaving vice prez candidate Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol out of the equation (the girl's not running for office; her mother is), let's get to the crux of the true outrage here, babes: human rights. It's an issue Palin is proven to be hideously lacking in.

Let's see. She's pro-war, she's pro-guns, she's pro-big business (oil) in Alaska—all at the expense of such basic human endeavors as the right to decent health care and a sturdy education that might result in her constituents setting their sights on something more meaningful in life than, say, participating in a beauty contest.

Yep, teachers and their agendas are treated about as well in Alaska as women who are pro-abortion. Oh, that's right, how could we forget? Palin's rabidly pro-life, i.e., if you're pro-choice, you get treated by Palin and her ilk like your life isn't worth bupkes.

Message loud and clear: S.P.'s just another good-ol'-white-boy-club wannabe. She brings nothing revolutionary—or groundbreaking—to the podium. In fact, she's back where we've been stuck for eons, and, quite frankly, she's a damn discredit to her sex.

Shame on you, babe. Love the eyeliner though, it's always so smoky fab.

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