George Clooney's Lake Como house

Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

How many houses do celebrities usually own?

At least three: One on the West Coast, one on the East and one in a lavishly rarified area like Lake Como in Italy or Primrose Hill in London. Or, if you're Julia Roberts, one of your homes is a ranch in Taos, N.M., because you're all-American like that.

When I say at least three, I mean just that. Madonna owns a reported six—six—homes in London, and at least two of those are occupied by staff. She also has pads in New York and Los Angeles.

Are there any A-listers (or B-listers, since A-listers are so few and far between) who don't smoke?
—Alison, Honolulu

Yes. Jennifer Lopez.

Hi. I know that if it didn't happen the USA, it didn't happen, but why no coverage of the Beckhams' recent car crash in France?
—Bike Shop Girl, Australia

Because it didn't happen at all. From Becks' blog: "I know many of you would have been concerned to read about a supposed car crash involving me and Victoria...I want to assure everyone there never was any crash at any time; our car had been dented many days before whilst vacant in a car park." For the record, the dents came when Beckham's car crashed into his own massive hotness.

Does a charity really benefit from having a celebrity's name attached to it?

"Yes, they absolutely benefit from having a celebrity involved," says Amy Phillips, executive director of Lotus Outreach International, which champions human-rights issues for women and girls, and whose most recent fundraiser was attended by ER actress Parminder Nagra. "The visibility they bring to the cause or issue is invaluable."

And oh: I was at the fundraiser, too—so that's two celebrities.

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