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Just had a li'l instant messaging tête-a-tête with an A.T. snooper who got an inside (and slightly insane) scoop of Mariah Carey's on-set bonkers behavior during the horrific Hawaiian music vid shoot for "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time," surely the only song title to reference a movie quote delivered by a Vietnamese prostitute. Well, at least until Lindsay Lohan's next album. Check out the totally true and awful antics from someone who had to live through it...

MimiBlabber08: My friend works on a bunch of famous pop videos, and I ran into him and asked him how he was doing.

MimiBlabber08: He said he just worked on the worst music video of his life—Mariah Carey's "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time."

MimiBlabber08: I asked him what it was like working with Mariah.

MimiBlabber08: And he said, "She's crazy as a loon."

MimiBlabber08: "Totally nuts."

MimiBlabber08: I was like, "Why, what did she do?"

MimiBlabber08: And he pauses and lowers his voice and says, "She has a midget!"

MimiBlabber08: My eyes popped open so wide that dust got in it and I couldn't see right the rest of the day.

MimiBlabber08: I was like, "What do you mean? Just like a purse?"

MimiBlabber08: And he said, "The entire time, she drinks this shitty screw bottle of pinot noir. She would be drinking out of this glass and whenever the glass would be empty, she'd hand it over to a midget standing nearby."

That's not it, folks. Keep reading for more mind-boggling Mimi mishaps, beyond midgets:

MimiBlabber08: I asked him if Nick Cannon was there—and were they doin' it the entire time?

MimiBlabber08: And he said, "No, he was just like an assistant."

MimiBlabber08: I have more!

MimiBlabber08: And Mariah just decides that she wants to take a nap for two hours.

MimiBlabber08: And my friend says to director, "You do realize that she just took a $28,000 nap?"

MimiBlabber08: And the director just laughs.

Maybe M.C.'s due for yet another leave of absence for "exhaustion"? Screw-top cocktails? We all know the next step after that kinda libation hour: It's Tara Time, fer sure. We don't think a two-hour nap is gonna be enough rest to get her back to planet Earth. May we suggest hibernating for the winter?

—Additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

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