The highly anticipated music video for Heidi Montag's "Overdosin' " is finally here. But it doesn't look quite right. And not just because it features Heidi Montag, but because it's 10 minutes of slow-mo aerobics. Could this really be the masterpiece Heidi intended?

We really thought this video was going to be a little bit better than “Higher.” At least, the pictures all indicated a higher production value. And yet we couldn’t make it through the whole thing, so we can’t even promise some big payoff at the end (we suspect there’s none). If you do happen to make it all the way through, let us know if it was worth it, and if you don't, let us know how far you got.

In case you miss Heidi’s manic arm waves as much as we do, we’ve included the classic “Higher” after the jump for your convenience. It’s actually kind of refreshing to watch it after “Overdosin’ ”—brings back the good times.

If Heidi wants to make it up to us, she better put out a music video for our favorite Montag track, "Fashion."

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