Mary-Kate Olsen


With her big hair and shiny Lycra, Heidi Montag officially killed the '80s revival sweeping across hipster circles everywhere, which means it's time to move on to early '90s grunge.

So you may be wondering: Just where is it acceptable to wear an oversize plaid shirt and no pants? For that answer, we consult our favorite Olsen twin and world-renowned trendsetter (just 'cause you hate her style, doesn't mean she isn't one), Mary-Kate Olsen. Can you guess where M.K. was in this getup?

  1. Heading home after a hanging with the BF. This is perfect walk-of-shame attire
  2. Catching a screening of Death Race
  3. Checking out the Radiohead concert with all the other cool kids
  4. Roaming the streets of Hollywood warning girls about the perils of child stardom
  5. Holding a John Mayer-like paparazzi press conference to talk more crap about Spencer Pratt

If you guessed Radiohead concert, you win! There's no need for pants at a concert—they're so restrictive. Sometimes you just need to be free and let the music wash over you. Here's your prize. (Only click if you actually won—we're trusting you.)

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