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Car trouble for Britney Spears is a given no matter who's driving, trust. This past Sunday at Hell-Ay's Sunset Junction street fair, all the Silverlake hipsters got quite the fright when an SUV hauling Brit in the passenger's seat made a wrong turn directly into the funky hoedown.

Don't worry, no churro stands were demolished.

But apparently, B-babe's ride needed to be upgraded with some tinted windows, 'cause it wasn't long before a mad dash of male fans came careening to the car. "About 15 guys stormed the truck, shrieking and calling her name," said a startled street-fairgoer.

B.S.' camera-happy heyday is completely kaput, looks like, since Spearsy ignored her fans eager requests to pose for pics—even though these salivating dudes helped B's driver back off the street bash! Some thanks there, Ms. Look-at-Me, Don't-Look-at-Me.

One of Brit's dance spots, Foresight Studios, is in Silverlake, which might explain what she was doing in that random neighborhood to begin with (preparing for her nonappearance at the VMAs?). Gotta give the girl some credit, ya never see her strutting down Robertson Boulevard like every other H'wood creation aching for attention. Even in her loopier days (like, yesterday?), Spears favored Frapps at random Starbucks in the boring-ass Valley instead of lunching at the Ivy. Girl just exists and attention finds her.

But maybe next time she should hire a driver that follows street signs a little bit closer, eh? Unless he simply adores exposing Spears to swarming photogs, SamRo style.

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