Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson

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Oh, what glorious wonders be. Jenna Fischer, whom we know and love as The Office's Pam Beesly, just rang me up to break the exclusive news that she has been released today from Rainn Wilson's trunk.

Even better, she was calling me from Pam's dorm at art school (holler!) and was willing to dish about what's ahead for Pam and "Jam" this season. Read on for the scoop in Jenna's first post-trunk interview!

Jenna Fischer, The Office

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Jenna? You're alive! I am so happy to hear your voice.
I am so happy to be out of Rainn's trunk.

How are you feeling?
I have a headache, but other than that I'm OK. It was actually sort of a zen experience, and I have to say everyone was really nice. Amy Ryan came and brought me some food. Oscar came and played cards with me through the window. And Creed played his guitar for me. I also saw Angela come by once and plead my case, but then she disappeared and never came back.

Angela Kinsey

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Should we investigate her disappearance?
I think so. But I have to say, you know Amy Ryan was really nice, and she's short and blond, and I think she likes Target and flip-flops, so I might have to tell Angela, "You know, you can be replaced."

Well, I am pleased that you are out, because I have been to set twice in the past week and was getting concerned that you were no longer a part of the show. Pam hasn’t been in any of the scenes at Dunder Mifflin that I've seen.
That's because I am away at art school right now. Pam was accepted to Pratt, and she's living in New York, and there is a whole new world opening up for her. We've been shooting some really great scenes at USC with Rich Sommer and John Cabrera and having so much fun. It's like we're doing our own show called Art School.

What else can you tell us about Pam this season?
Well, I think last season was all about Pam being in love and just enjoying that and being content with Jim and now, she still has Jim, but she is growing and getting into something she's always wanted to do. It's a big year for Pam. And it's also made my schedule a dream.

You don't have to sit in the background of all the office scenes now, right?
Exactly. It has been a really nice extended summer vacation in a way, and also probably the reason why I ended up in Rainn's trunk. I had time.

Is there a chance Pam might not go back to Dunder Mifflin?
We were just talking about that the other day, actually, and that hasn't been decided yet. It's a three-month program at the school, and I can tell you that she's really loving living in New York. I think at this point, Pam has been the receptionist for about eight and half years, so this change is all very liberating for her.

And she's living at the school, right?
Yes. You know that, right? You've been to the set.

Yes, but I didn't see your dorm room.
I think they tore it down, and they're moving it right now. It used to be in our lunch area, which is right off the main office set, so that I could be right on the other side of the wall when we were shooting scenes where I was talking on the phone to someone in the office.

John Krasinski, The Office

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Someone like perhaps, oh, Jim Halpert? Just a wild guess.
Yes. Jim and Pam definitely have a lot of phone time.

Speaking of Jim, because I take my job very seriously, while I was on set, I did check John Krasinski's pockets for an engagement ring, and I did not find one.
Well, I think it would be a little weird if Jim were coming in to the office with a ring in his pocket if Pam is not there. And, also, you don't know if it's on my hand now.

When you look down at your left hand, what do you see?
Right now, I see nothing. I don't see a ring. I see that I have a hangnail, and that's about it—I'm hoping for a spa certificate from Rainn.

Where do Jim and Pam stand right now?
Well, Jim didn’t pop the question. And Pam has gone off to art school. So they are not together in the same place right now. But this is not Jim and Pam being separated like they were when Jim went to the Stamford branch. This is Jim and Pam living in different places but still being together and very much connected.

Emmy statuette


Switching gears a little, I know a lot of fans, including me, were disappointed you didn't receive an Emmy nomination this year.
Well, that's very kind. The show nomination is always huge, because The Office is truly an ensemble show and that always means a lot. But I am going to be honest with you; I really do want an Emmy for playing Pam. I love Pam. And whatever happens in my career from here on out, it will have happened because of her. I just love playing her. So, it would be great to be able to honor the role in that way. And while we're at it, I would love for John to get a nomination, too. He really deserves it.

Well, fingers crossed for next year.
Thank you. I hope so. This is going to be a big year for Pam, and I think you're going to like it. There's a lot happening. You just wait.

A lot like...throwing off the shackles of Dunder Mifflin? Saying yes to Jim's proposal? Becoming an artist? What are you hoping will happen with Pam and Jim this season? Weigh in below—along with your congratulatory messages for Jenna on her newfound freedom.

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