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I saw the press release that Madonna put out about all the numbers involving her tour. I saw something about costumes for the band and for "gypsies." Is she trafficking in gypsies?
—Rep, Ottawa

Yes, sweetie, the entire tour is a front for child trafficking, Chinese movie bootlegging and a black market body-part-thievery ring. Actually, Madonna has hired a bunch of actual Romany gypsies to play during portions of her show—they are guests and not considered to be part of the main band.

Often, I hear about George Clooney's buddies, those guys he apparently hangs out with in between dating up and coming model/actress types. Who are these guys?
—Agusta, Reykjavik

The main crew includes club owner Rande Gerber, also known as Cindy Crawford's husband, and comedic actor Richard Kind.

Is organic the most overused phrase by celebs during press junkets? I get so tired of hearing, "My acting comes from an organic place," "the character just grew organically." What does that even mean?

There is a phrase that is even more overused, and that's being free with one's acting. Maggie Gyllenhaal uses that a lot. Makes me want to "be free" of Hollywood interviews.

How long does it take actors/actresses to memorize scripts? I've never tried it, but it seems like it would take a long time to memorize that many lines!

It isn't uncommon for actors to get a script and be told that they need to be "off book" in two weeks. But film actors often memorize a script in pieces, taking cues from the shooting schedule. Longtime soap actors brag of memorizing up to 90 percent of a show's script in three readings or less.

I'm "Burnin' Up" for the Jonas Brothers! Do you think their youngest brother will join the group when he gets older?
—Atsugi, Japan

One can dream, no? Speaking of dreaming, I'm off to escape from any mention of the Jonas Brothers for the weekend. Ciao.

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