Ed Westwick

Vicky Forshee / NYPost.com

As our Gossip Girl countdown continues (seven days remaining!), we were more than giddy when Page Six Magazine featured Ed "Chuck Bass" Westwick this weekend. We have to run their names together because it's impossible to separate the real person from the character—they're both so pompous and charming at the same time.

Here's an example: Ed punctuates every sentence with "baby," which seems a little douchey, right? But then we remember it's Ed Westwick who would be saying it in an English accent and with that style of his that allows him to pull off Chuck Bass' ridiculous costumes so effortlessly. Then it just drives us crazy—in a good way. Yeah, we're crushing hard.

Before we completely embarrass ourselves, let's get to his quotes in the magazine, most of which had us swooning. Jump with us...

Regarding His Style: “My style has always been good. Top-notch, baby. I like the glamorous indie-rock look, like the Libertines. But, you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm.”

About His Partying: “If I want to go out and drink and throw a glass in the street, I’ll do it. As long as the reason is that I want to have fun and not that I want to create some sort of tension around me. Then I’d be a d--k. But I’m not.”

On Rumors and the Ladies: “People think Chace is gay, and thought I was gay, that we were humping. It’s not true, but hilarious. People project their fantasies onto people. I’ve never been someone who makes it my objective to go out and pick up chicks. But I’ve met some fantastic ladies here. You know, those amazing conversations where you find yourself in a cafe talking until 2 a.m. and never see them again.”

The Summer Girls: “I love going out in the summer. The girls wear their nice dresses. Did that sound sleazy? It really did, didn’t it? Put it like this: Everyone comes out looking gorgeous in summer. We are a more beautiful species in the summer.”

Sigh. So much to love. Would anyone else like to declare their supercrush on Ed "Chuck Bass" Westwick along with us?

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