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From melodyw1: Can i send a picture? It is hilarious and i think you will love it!!!
Sure! By any chance is it a picture of drunk girls on spring break?

From TrueGangsta189: If you are dating someone for almost a year and you have a good sex life—is it bad if you find out they masturbated ONCE to a photo of drunk girls on spring break?
Um, no.

From rcipy: I was watching Fox news this morning and they were asking a doctor medical questions and one was about boogers & his answer was basically that snot/boogers are beautiful because everything about the human body is. What do you think?
We would seriously question the opinions of a doctor who uses such nonmedical terminology as boogers. Luckily, he redeemed himself by following up with the American Medical Association’s officially accepted term snot.


Jason Squires/

From jazyarlene: i hate ur show
We hate U 2. Not the band, though. Just you.

From ipodsymphony: Can I be on your show? I'm 11 years old and DESPERATE to get on TV. Not to mention I love The Soup and have a crush on Joel. My name is Haley…. Call Me! say yes
As much as we’d like to have you on the show, Haley, we’re going to have to say no. You see, television is no place for a young girl. Sure, it all starts out innocently, but before you know it, you're a quasi celebrity tanked up on mojitos driving backward down PCH, facing multiple rehab stints that'll never seem to work and a desperate addiction to plastic surgery. And it’ll all be our fault.

From petunia: Did you catch the PGA Championship coverage on the Golf Channel? I heard the female commentator refer to the large number of contenders on the field as "tasty nuggets". What does that mean, anyway? Isn't that a bit provocative when describing the Men's PGA? Just wondering!
Good question, petunia. In golf jargon, “tasty nuggets” means “balls.”

From Stephiewellduh: I Wanted To Know If Me And My Friend Could Attend A Taping Of The Soup.
Which friend?

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