Kim Kardashian

Was thinking about celeb-owned businesses, like the Kardashians' boutique in Calabasas, Calif. How much of a chance is there that a celeb owner is on hand when you drop by?
—Erica, Palmdale, Calif.

During the two weeks a month or so that they're in town, the Kardashian girls are "in and out of the store all day long," according to Kris Jenner. Kind of like the female Flying Zucchini Brothers of fashion, I guess. Good luck with that.

Your odds increase greatly in the case of Belle Gray, a boutique run by both Lisa Rinna and her fabulously pneumatic lips.

Here's why:

"She just left," store buyer Heather Martin told me this morning. "Whenever she's in town, she's here every day. She'll come in here, run to her cardio ballroom class down the street, come back in, rearrange a mannequin, leave, come back and do some business and leave again."

Last year, the actress wasn't in town much, being on Broadway and the Dancing With the Stars tour and whatnot. This year, she's around more. Even her husband, Harry Hamlin, blows in about once a month, albeit it's usually before store hours.

His mission—and I swear I am not making this up—is orchid arrangement.

"He wakes up in the morning, heads to the flower mart downtown, rides in his car with his 24 orchids and brings them back to the store," Martin tells me. "He arranges them all. He puts the moss in there, everything.

"He also fixes the lights and does touch-ups on the paint," Martin says, but his biggest pet peeve remains a wilty orchid.

Funny. My pet peeve is a Belle Gray cashmere wrap that sets me back $204. Now you'll excuse me. I'm off to buy four. And say hi to Lisa Rinna.

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