Lindsay Lohan

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It is interesting that as kids both Jodie Foster and Lindsay Lohan starred in Freaky Friday and they both might be gay. Is there a connection?

Yes, absolutely. Freaky Friday gives you the Gay. The world of science may now put that mystery to rest. Onward, with more of your stunningly insightful Burning Q's!

Why did you let E! Online split your answers so that readers must jump to another page to finish reading? Can ya make them switch it back? Please? Pretty please?

Find out—after the jump!


Are paparazzi photos retouched before they go on websites or in celeb mags?

Not as such.

Have Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and those Harry Potter kids made any movies besides Harry Potter?
—Big Shot

Radcliffe made a flick called December Boys, released in 2007. Grint is currently filming Cherry Bomb.

Is Lauren Graham filming anything now?
—I Want a Brownie

I want a brownie, too, now. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Graham recently completed two films, Flash of Genius, due out this year, and The Dream of the Romans, which debuts in 2009. Now I’m off to get my chocolate fix.

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