Editor's Note: The clip contains images some viewers may find objectionable.

Calvin Klein has opted for black and white again in its latest scent ad. Most TV stations, however, have simply opted for black.

U.S. broadcast networks are refusing to air the commercial for the CK fragrance Secret Obsession, which features a mostly bare Eva Mendes tossing about on an unmade bed.

"Between love and madness lies obsession," the actress and CK underwear model, who's also appearing in print ads for the perfume campaign, whispers seductively. "Love...madness. It's my secret."

In a world full of Viagra and condom commercials, what sends the steamy spot over the top, apparently, is the hint of a nipple seen at one point as Mendes caresses her own chest.

But while the bit o' nudity may make the ad ban-worthy to some and cable networks will show only an edited version, TV watchers abroad are going to get to see the whole darn thing.

"We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession," Tom Murry, president and chief operating officer of Calvin Klein Inc., told the New York Daily News, expressing little surprise about the networks' decision.

"We are anticipating a very successful global launch."

Added Catherine Walsh, VP of American Fragrances at Coty Prestige: The hubbub "just reinforces our belief in the campaign, which has really struck a chord with consumers and in true Calvin Klein fashion, sparks controversy."

Years after nothing got between Brooke Shields and her Calvins, the FBI launched an investigation in 1995 into whether a series of ads featuring lithe young things androgynously clad in denim and undershirts (or no shirts) constituted child pornography.

The verdict: No, they did not.

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