“I tried to get in but I couldn’t,” a friend texted me during Comic-Con’s Chuck panel. “Apparently I’m not the only rabid fan!”

That, dear friends, is a wee little smidge of an understatement, as NBC’s lovable dramedy Chuck completely packed the enormous Ballroom 20 earlier today, with fans who knew exactly what they were in for with this cast: A ridiculously good time.

Some of you audience members said afterward (and I agree) that Chuck had one of the most entertaining panels at Comic-Con this year—and mind you, that has nothing whatsoever to do with the bobble-headed moderator so overwhelmed by her love of the show she couldn’t articulate a good question to save her life (sorry!) but rather the unbelievable humor, humility, and sheer likeability of the cast and producers.

Chuck bosses Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak also showed an incredible first look at the second season, which begins Sept. 29 (Zachary Levi’s birthday). Click in for scoop—and videos!

Season Two Looks Fantastic: In the 10-minute preview trailer, we learned that Chuck and Sara will share many an intimate moment this season (and by intimate, I do mean tongue—holler!), the shower fight scene between Yvonne Strahovski and Nicole Richie looks like a mix between Alias at its finest and your fantasies at their finest (seriously, it looks insane) and that the guest stars this year are going to rock.

Along with Richie (Sara’s old high school nemesis), this season will feature The OC’s Melinda Clarke as a sexy temptress (who locks lips with Chuck), Jordana Brewster will play Chuck’s former college dream girl, Jill (also the name of Schwartz’s fiancé, FYI), Michael Clarke Duncan looks completely badass, and Tony Hale (Arrested Development) got the most raucous cheers of all as he pops in as the new assistant manager of the Buy More. (His scenes look intensely fun.)

The Romances Are Alive: Though no one took my bait to reveal the scoop I heard, that there will be a same-sex kiss this season between two characters who were up onstage at the panel (more on that in the next chat), you can expect lots of heart-tugging moments from Chuck and Sara, as they flirt with the idea that they could finally truly be together once the intersect is removed from Chuck’s head, as they are planning at the start of season two. (Which also would, um, end the series, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.)

As for TV’s favorite bromance, Zach and Josh Gomez say that Chuck and Morgan’s relationship will be strained this year. Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) go into full wedding-planning mode, with Ellie becoming something of an obsessive Martha Stewart.

Also This Season: The Nerd Herd is in full effect! “They are all series regulars this year,” Schwartz reveals of the main herders. We also saw Thunderdome-at-the-Buy-More footage that will take your breath away, it looks so funny.

Schwartz and Fedak also reveal that we’ll meet the Awesomes this year (through the wedding shenanigans, I’m sure) and that Big Mike will start to date Morgan’s mom.

Adam Baldwin Can Do No Wrong: The room ate up his every word. And even though he said that Casey will not reveal his softer side this season, something tells me that he won’t follow through his marching orders to off Chuck. (‘Cause, um, that would be the end of the series.) And speaking of...

Zachary Levi Is the Quintessential Leading Man: Aside from being charming and talented and handsome and hilarious as hell (you know all that), he also has remained a clear champion and support of all his costars and teammates (trust me, you could feel the love and camaraderie backstage and onstage). He also issued a heartfelt thank-you to the fans at the end of the session that was nothing short of moving.

Now, the truly great and funny moments (like Josh Gomez impersonating Ryan and Zach impersonating Yvonne’s Australian accent) you just have to see for yourself, so here is the video…Enjoy!

Morgan does Awesome...

Zach does Yvonne...

Zach on his "challenging" work of working with so many hot girls this season...

Zach and Yvonne on Chuck and Sarah...

The trailer...(Please don't kill me, Casey.)

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