Kate Hudson, Lance Armstrong


It was over before it ever began for Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong. But don't fret, he'll have another A-list actress next week, and she always has Owen.

Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly rushing to marry her baby daddy by the end of the year. She's got to get this done before her daughter has any memory of it.

Is Ecstasy Amy Winehouse's kryptonite? Her dad, Mitch, believes his daughter had to be rushed to the emergency room because someone allegedly spiked her drink with the party drug.

The Brangelina twins are set to make their debut in People. Be on the lookout—we don't know when they'll hit, but it's definitely soon.

K-Fed says he's "been having a good summer" and "can't complain." That's what a $20,000 check every month will do for a party boy.

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