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When it comes to Pam Anderson, MILF doesn’t stand for “Man, I Love Foot Longs!” As we all know, the much loved star of E!’s own Pam: Girl on the Loose may exhibit tremendous amounts of looseness in many categories—God bless her—but when it comes to meat eating, the confirmed vegan’s stance is anything but flaccid. In fact, has placed the sexy salad scarfer in the numero uno slot of the Top 10 Sexiest Female Vegetarians. But what about the Hollywood hotties who still enjoy devouring hunks of dead animals, tenderized and charred to perfection? In the interest of fairness—and the Soup Blog is nothing if not fair—let’s bite into the Top 10 Sexiest Female Meat Eaters.

1. Jessica Simpson, whose “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt ruffled Pam’s feathers mightily, is a prime prime rib candidate.

2. Kirsten Dunst, committed tartar masticater.

3. Nicole Richie, known corn dog enthusiast.

4. Star Jones. Hell yes!

5. Roseanne? There must be meat in there somewhere.

6. Cameron Diaz, taco amiga.

7. Heidi Klum, burger lover.

8. & 9. The Olsen twins also burger it up—and they count for two.

But who is number 10? Sink your teeth into this meaty issue in the comments.

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