Paris 'n' Adrian continue philandering (and filming) round T-town while we figure out why P-doll is still sometimes goin' Greek—'n' it ain't for the food, trust. Plus, Jerry O'Connell gabs about Rebecca Romijn's goodies 'n' why bein' solo is a no-go. Plus, find out which surprise celeb Shar Jackson might have on her new reality gig!
Paris Hilton, Adrian Grenier

Chris Weeks/

As I said ages ago, Paris and Adrian are sucking up everything they can together—not just tongues and go-green tips but movies, too. And these are flicks they actually stay for, unlike the big 11th Hour premiere last week, which Pare-poo hauled ass out of, right after doing the press line, shame.
Dustin Hoffman

Mary Ann Owen/

Just this past Sunday night, P 'n' H were slinking in the lobby of the new quasi-lush Landmark theaters in West L.A.'s Westside Pavilion. (Could these new cinema folks be giving the Grove a run for its money as the chic new screening rooms of choice?) Dustin Hoffman was there recently, but I don’t suppose that means merde, so never mind.
Now, to the important stuff: Paris was wearing a casual summer sundress in kelly green, coif pulled back in a ponytail and big ol' Jackie-O jobs on that infamous puss. She was escorted, very gentlemanly like—no roughhouse, Matt Leinart stuff here—by Adrian in jeans and a navy tee. Cam dudes from that mysterious “documentary” Adrian’s making were following the somewhat odd couple as they headed for an elevator on their way up to the theaters. No overt canoodling, but the A-dude did seem to be squiring Paris...
To a whole diff level of B-star success, that is. He’s no fool. Question being: What’s in it for Paris? I mean, how many hybrid tips can a honey use in one lifetime? And I hear, equipment-wise...well, let’s just say there’s a reason Hilton keeps going back to the Greeks for lessons, from time to time.
America Ferrera

Jamie McCarthy/

Celebs of the smaller screen took salty stage Saturday night to sing 'n' dance their bums off at the 2007 Hot in Hollywood benefit, held at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater, Hell-Ay. Even though perpetual press disser America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame was not down for small tawk, other good-willin’ boob-tube types like Entourage’s Rex Lee, Jerry O'Connell 'n' the infamous other former Federline femme, Shar Jackson, were more than gung ho on gabbin’ with us 'bout all sorts of dirty H'wood happenings.
Rex Lee

Camilla Zenz/

In the sizzlin’ tabloid spirit of the night, I wanted to know just how the hell anyone knows when they’ve hit the “hot” meter in Hollywood. Weighing in, the always game Rex Lee had some sense to share.

“I think if you’re so burning, so supernova hot, you just know,” R.L. suggested. “Like, I come to these events and sometimes nobody wants to talk to me on the red carpet because everyone else is way hotter, and sometimes I’m the hottest guy there.”

Sacrebleu! It's as if T-town is crazed 'n' carried by aesthetics! Oh wait, never mind. Back to R.L., who also had some advice for H'wood’s sex-ay, younger set of up-to-no-damn-good users: “Being hot is a heady thing—so try to keep your head about you.”

Amen, sistah. Now someone memo that to Britney, Paris 'n' Lindsay, 'kay? Great.
Jerry O'Connell

Jeffrey Mayer/

Also quite dish-happy at the same shindig was quasi-cutie O'Connell, who was performing the opening number that night, half-naked 'n' in drag, no less. Despite newlywed wife-unit Rebecca Romijn bein’ a no-friggin’-show, J still had plenty to say 'bout the bangin’ blonde 'n' uh, bangin’ the blonde.

“Now that we’re married, we’re allowed to go all the way,” J.O. blurted 'bout his fave part of postnup life, obvs the nooky.

J waxed wowza 'bout the bedded blisses of sayin’ “I do”:

“You don’t have to think anymore. It’s amazing when you’re single how much time that takes up—going out, getting dressed, calling up girls and trying to get girls to call you back, and trying to get girls to not call you back.”

I bet. Still wonderin’ how the hell you nabbed R2, Jare-babe? I’m sure it ain’t all that humor 'n' crap between you two that R2’s BFF, Angie Harmon, simply swears on.
Shar Jackson

Amy Graves/

Not nearly as love infested that night was Ms. Jackson, 'n' I don’t mean Janet or Star, but Shar, 'course. After lyin’ low in the midst of all the humdrum K-Fed 'n' Britney hoopla, I asked Shar-babe, who’s rumored to be workin’ on a new reality show, what the real voyeuristic deal was.

“It’s going to be me and some other celebrities, and we’re performing,” S.J. slyly said. “But we’re not singing.”

Juicy. Could papa Kev be playin’ costar on said show?

“I don’t know,” the brunette mama laughed. “It’s possible.” Wouldn’t surprise moi, as that dude seems to have a surer career at this dubious point. Who the ef ever would have predicted that one?

Either way, I just hope she didn’t pick up tips from Kev 'n' Brit’s own skanky series, Chaotic, eh?

Whoopi Goldberg

James Devaney/

Posted: Aug 2, 2007 8:01 AM
by pinksalute

I like Whoopi. My only concern is that The View was supposed to be different people for different views, and yet they pick another liberal female comic in her 50s. I thought they should have shaken things up with a young man...that could have been fun, or trouble, which can be fun.

While Whoopi is surely controversial 'n' has the potential to shake up the puss-infested View set, we totally don’t hate the idea of havin’ some male-minded presence (permanently) aboard—says the dude who’s been a quasi regular. So, forget sixth-decade liberal female comics 'n' welcome 40ish alien-esque actor...Tom Cruise! Like?

We can so imagine it: Elisabeth Hasselbeck givin’ birth on cam while T.C. insists on complete silence, à la Scientology, natch. Afterward, T.C. can host a segment on do-it-yourself haircuts, in which Katie 'n' Tom-babe switch off on snippin’ each other’s mops. Now that’s quality TV.

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