Is Tyra’s need for new dating karma to blame for her sudden pro relocation to NYC? C'est possible. And celebs such as T.R. Knight, Carmen Electra and the cast of The Hills manage to put their personal dramas aside and play nice...
America's Next Top Model: Tyra Banks

De Yonkers/The CW

Have you heard? Girlfriend Tyra, why you movin’ your talk show and America's Next Top Model to New Yawk, hon? I know, I know, you’re telling your zillions of watchers—an audience anomaly, if there ever was one—that you’re headin’ Big Apple way "because that’s where it’s all happening." Well, I happen to know, just like you’re aware, that that relocation explanation is full of boy-bothered beans!
That is, if what my Tyra types tell me is true—and I have every reason to believe it is. Indeed, inside Tyra tawk has it that T.B. is movin’ her ample bottom to InWhySee because of...a dude. 

Blabbing as somebody who just got his In-N-Out derriere engaged to a guy, can’t say I blame ya, hon-pie, but who the hell is this man? Hopefully it’s someone with the slightest bit o' journalistic experience—perhaps a thoughtful soul who might discreetly advise you not to walk all over your guests’ every utterance with hyper-barks, grunts and very grand hairdos. 

Speaking of the follicularly minded, uh, Ms. T., do tell why most of your Emmy-nominated team, including those for coiffure, et al., are getting dumped here in Hell-Ay and not being invited along for the cross-country trek? 

“Because they’re not bitchy enough,” answered one of your so loyal worker bees—as I’m informed those who wrangle by your well-styled side, Ms. Bee, must be “fabulous and bitchy," per your request, and quote, I might add. 

Darling, sure you don’t want to be primped by goss columnists? Might serve you a bit better.

Bridget Moynahan, Molly Sims

Todd Williamson/

With all the H'wood hoopla, it’s refreshing to see celebrities volunteer their time for charities, as many did this past Sunday. A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation was the good-hearted affair. Inside the do, an extremely pregnant Bridget Moynahan and Molly Sims were nothing but smiles as they decorated cupcakes with the kids in attendance. While Bridget was eating for two, it was a family gig for others such as Rachel Bilson, who got to play on the pirate ship and slide with her younger sister.
T.R. Knight

Albert L. Ortega/

I caught up with Grey’s Anatomy golden boy T.R.  Knight, who hardly gave any press interviews (afraid of all those pesky Isaiah questions?). Playing nice, I asked if he could tease us with any juicy tidbits from the upcoming season. “I have no idea. They keep us completely in the dark,” he said. Including which former costars may very publicly lose their politically incorrect marbles, eh? Table reads start up around July 9, he said, so until then this cutie’s summer plans are just to travel.
Carmen Electra

Gregg DeGuire/

Carmen  Electra was also there. You know Carm, always good for busty measure. On staying in sizzling size, C-doll said, “I’m trying to get back to the gym...Dancing, right now, has been my main source of staying in shape.”
Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

“Costars” Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were at the carnival, too. Their big poop of an engagement may have been a desperate publicity stunt, but they did seem very much together, laughing and holding hands as they exited, oh, about one minute before Lauren and Audrina showed up. Coincidence?
Audrina Patridge

Camilla Zenz/

“We didn’t even know she was coming,” Audrina said oh so innocently, regarding Ms. Em. Lauren added, “You grow up and you kind of grow apart from people. We don’t live together, we don’t work together...We don’t really see her anymore.”
Tori Spelling

Dimitrios Kambouris/

L. elaborated, as if I had Tori Spelling roots for brains: “We’re not really filming together because [Heidi’s] not a friend of ours anymore.”

No kidding. Darling, you keep on milking that nasty sitch, and I’m sure it’ll get you the In Touch cover you so desire, eventually. Sorry, was that uncharitable of me to say?
Naomi Watts

Paul Fenton/

Naomi Watts, perfectly pretty 'n’ preggers. The expecting babe was spotted strollin’ through InWhySee’s East Village sans Liev. Nicole Kidman’s BFF was carrying a big-butt bouquet of flowers and chatting on her cell, natch. “She’s much shorter than I expected, and stunning with no makeup,” marveled an onlooker. Aren’t they always? Motherly minded in another country was...
Oprah Winfrey

Nancy Kaszerman/

Oprah Winfrey, treating all 149 girls from her Leadership Academy to a night out. The Big O. brought all her uniform-clad students to the opening night of The Lion King in Johannesburg, South Africa. “There would be no Lion King without Africa,” Oprah said. “This is where the umbilical cord was first cut.” Longtime, commercial-flying b-f Stedman was nowhere in sight on this par-tick night, by the by. Celebrating himself in Sin City was...
Wilmer Valderrama

Lisa O'Connor/

Wilmer Valderrama, feting the third season of his smack-talking show, Yo Momma. Wilmer downed mango mojitos poolside before hitting Pure nightclub with a “huge entourage and handfuls of women.” Lindsay Lohan’s ex-b-f kept the party going with Red Bull and Grey Goose cocktails. Wonder if L2 will ring in her 21st B-day at Pure less than a month from now, as was the plan prior to her second rehab stint? Other girls who just wanna have fun included...
Sharon Stone

Dan Herrick/ZUMA

Sharon Stone and Rose McGowan, seen watching Joan Jett perform at Hell-Ay Gay Pride on Saturday. Shar-hon was simple in jeans and a white tee, and kept takin’ pics of Joan’s show with her camera phone. Rose was busy on her cellie, too, except she kept texting and chatting the whole Robert Rodriguez, perhaps? Where was Ms. Carmen  Electra, you might wonder, who’s good gal-pals with Joan? She was shakin’ her scantily clad tush onstage with ZZ Top the same night at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. After all, bad girls just wanna have fun, don't they?
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