Jason Lee

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Let's get back to the freebie-laden Stuff Style Awards I yakked about on Friday. The men's mag held its bash on the rooftop of the ArcLight, overlooking lovely Hell-Ay. And Jason Lee, who spilled Jaime Pressly's maybe-baby beans, was being honored for his funky fashion. "Who's your style icon?" I asked the mustached everyman. "Mr. Rogers," he said quickly. Not sure if he was joking, probably not.

Taking the brass-hanger nod for weirdest style was Jared Leto, doin' his slutazoid/Goth look via an all-black getup and two-toned red and black hair. Androgynous Jare-bear was wandering around the joint, chattin' with buds and lookin' just plain creepy. Is this dude getting enough?

Lindsay Lohan

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Suddenly, former flame Lindsay Lohan, clad in a black-and-white getup, breezed into the pah-tay. "Oh my god!" chirped a chitchat terrible next to me. "She's wearing the same outfit she wore last night to Guy's." Horrors! Does Rachel Zoe know about this?

Linds made a beeline for a stageside VIP table, where she sat texting furiously on her Sidekick and looking rather bored. The gal has been hittin' the scene with a vengeance since splitting from Harry Morton (despite the whatever-couple's Ivy canoodling a few hours later), the boy-toy with the calming effect on the gal's notorious overdoing-it ways. After minutes of lookin' surly, L2 escaped out the back, into the night, hot on the hunt for her next T-town scene, I'm sure.

L.L. can run, but she can't hide. She's been bumpin' into exes all over Hell-Ay as of late! Read on:

Wilmer Valderrama

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPress.com

Lindsay Lohan, havin' a semi-uncomfortable ex encounter. Shag on Monday night. Linds hit the club around one ayem, before hitting a parking meter with her bad wrist as she tried to avoid the paps on her way inside. Once there, L2 ran into former flame Wilmer Valderrama, holdin' court at a VIP table with a buncha dudes. Other clubbers described the vibe as "awkward at first" but that the two were "in friendly conversation" by the end of the night. They left separately, for the recycling record. Other Lohan ladies seen out and about were...

Mama Dina and little sis Ali, hightailin' it down 56th Street, between Park and Madison in New Yawk. "She was motoring down the street like she was on speed!" marveled my pedestrian passerby. Where's the friggin' fire? Late for a nail refill, love? Neither gal looked particularly happy, my spy further reported. Perkier types included...

Brooke Burns

Jerome Ware/ZUMAPress.com

Brooke Burns, all smiles at the Comics Unleashed launch party. Sunset Gower Studios on Monday. The bubbly brunette, lookin' fab in a white, collared shirt, black pencil skirt, wide belt and red lips, displayed her foot tattoo reading "Walk in Truth" in her tweed pumps. B.B. yukked it up on set with the show's host, Byron Allen, and another funny fellah in attendance, Norm MacDonald. Crackin' peeps up elsewhere was...

Steve Carell, makin' work a breeze while shooting promos for his Bruce Almighty spinoff. Smashbox Studios in Culver City, which I hear will have a new Hollywood home in the very near future. "He was so down-to-earth and sweet to everyone!" gabbed my impressed studio bystander. Quite the opposite, and disappointing partyers in Sin City, was...

Justin Timberlake, who didn't show up at a record-release party. Pure. Anthony Michael Hall was on hand, by the by, dancin' to tunes spun by DJ AM (whose spinning skills my spy was less than impressed with). A.M.H. was fairly nice to fans who approached him for pics, as he boogied between two blondes up in VIP. Justin did, however, make a Hell-Ay appearance last Wednesday at Social Hollywood and was less than thrilled with the press and photo types packin' the place. (Shouldn't he be used to it by now?) Now, Cam wasn't there, but goon-guards were on off-putting hand to discourage any lovely ladies from dancin' with the sex-ay singer. Frowns all around, to be sure.

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