Ashley Tisdale, Rick Astley

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Why did Ashley Tisdale cover Rick Astley's classic song "Never Gonna Give You Up"? Ashley's version is terrible, and I can't think of a possible reason for her to cover it.
—Jeremy, Oregon

The song was one of four covers recorded as part of an exclusive deal to shill Degree deodorant. You really don't think she'd bark out that tired Rickrolling anthem unless there was money behind it, did you? Onward, with more of your Burning Q's!

Who is generally known for having the most smarts in Hollywood? Book smarts, not street smarts. We all know Marky Mark has the street smarts.

Natalie Portman graduated from Harvard. Alicia Keys graduated from high school at 16 and was also valedictorian. Kate Beckinsale speaks four languages fluently. And I write, slurp coffee, give my cat the stinkeye and chew Provigil at the same time.

When is the fourth season of The Girls Next Door coming to DVD? Please, please, please let me know. Thank you so much!
—Blue Girl

No date set yet. But go ahead and buy it on iTunes before you have a stroke.

What is a Hermès Birkin bag, and why do celebrities go on huge waiting lists to pay thousands to get one? What's so special about this bag that they limit so few to have it?

The handbag has become a status symbol among twits who believe in status symbols. Actually, the Birkin waiting list is a bit of an artificial scam.

A former professional shopper named Michael Tonello recently discovered the secret way to get the bag without waiting on a list: Provide Hermès with enough repeat business, blowing thousands on overpriced shirts and scarves in the process, and then casually asking for a Birkin at the last minute.

Tonello went on to write a book about his experiences, and Hermès has since cracked down on the loophole. But it proves a point: If something is so "hot" that it has a waiting list, for God's sake, just go buy a Le Sportsac. You'll make Stella McCartney's big swimmy eyes just weep with joy.

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