Jessica King, Comfort Fedoke, So You Think You Can Dance

Joe Viles/FOX

Exclusive Update: Despite what some sites are suggesting, an inside source tells me that Jessica's injury is, in fact, quite legit—not psychosomatic or a cop-out of some kind. Doctors would not clear her to dance, and I'm actually hearing that she may have been suffering silently for some time. That last bit remains unconfirmed, and I'm not sure the producers themselves know the truth, but it explains a lot, yes?

Big news out of the So You Think You Can Dance session this morning at TCA: Apparently Jessica King (of Jessica and Will) has suffered an injury and will be exiting the competition, to be replaced by recent eliminee Comfort Fedoke. Nigel Lythgoe wouldn't share any details about the circumstances of the injury—he says that all will be revealed on the show—but he did say that Comfort was saddened by the circumstances of her return but grateful for the opportunity to continue on the show.

Jessica was a controversial figure throughout her tenure on the show, and indeed, continued to be during the session. Someone asked why Will Wingfield—whom Nigel later characterized as one of the top five dancers ever on the series—was frequently in the bottom five, and Mia Michaels volunteered, "Because of Jessica." Later, I asked if Jessica's progress on the show was hobbled by physical weakness or emotional weakness, and Mia told me, "Both."

Other news coming out of the session: Joshua Allen and Courtney Galliano are dancing together this week; we're stuck with quickstep for the foreseeable future; Mia Michaels' father was the original Marlboro Man (she swears this is true); the dancers and choreographers get only four and a half hours together to work on any given routine; and, in the words of the sage Cat Deeley, "Dance is the narrative that runs through the show, but it's the human element that people really identify with." that girl.

What do you think of Jessica's exit and Comfort's return? Post your thoughts in the comments, because I know you've got 'em.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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