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Rebecca in Boise, Idaho: Any word on the 90210 remake? Is Tori still in it? Will hubby David appear?
I’m hearing from inside sources that the CW is considering giving it a two-hour premiere. Holler! Whether it's one hour or dos, the big day will be September 2 at 8 p.m., so mark your Trapper Keepers, OK? As for Tori Spelling, as we first reported, she most definitely will appear in the first episode, resurrecting Donna as the owner of a hip clothing store (think Kitson). But I'm told David (Brian Austin Green) is not likely to appear in the CW's BevHood given that he's now full time over on Fox's Terminator. Tori tells us: "I don't know if she and David are together. I feel like she’s a career woman. And when you get married young, sometimes you evolve and then you’re no longer compatible." Especially if one of you is trying to save the world from the big, bad toasters!

Trevor in Atlanta: Is there any chance that Jim and Pam will be the Office spinoff, or part of the spinoff, since Pam is going to New York? Please say no!
Steve Carell
makes my heart sing by telling us: "As far as I know, nobody is leaving ship. At least at this point, from what I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s based on any of the characters from the existing show. It’s an entirely new setup with new characters."

Michelle in Chicago: I just heard a rumor that Shannyn Sossamon, aka Coraline on Moonlight, is joining the cast of Dexter. What the frak?!

Shannyn Sossamon

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According to multiple sources, we can stake this rumor right here, because it just ain't true!

Drew in Salt Lake City: OK, lady, seriously, which SYTYCD season-two dancer had a baby?
Allison Holker is the new mom. Congratulations, lady! (Pssst...I've heard tell of baby pics appearing on Facebook.)

Katrina in Charleston, S.C.: What's the dish on this Jamie Bayard character? So far I've loved all the Schwimmer-family dancers on So You Think You Can Dance—is he my next fave? Where did he come from?
The dish is this, according to Jamie Bayard himself: "I danced in a group out in Palm Springs when I was like 13, and Benji and Lacey's father, Buddy Schwimmer came to choreograph for this group I was in. After he saw me dance, he thought I should train with him, so I decided to do that for a while. Turns out the girl I was dancing with [at the time], uh, became Satan—not to put it lightly. And basically we stopped dancing together at the same time Lacey stopped dancing with her partner. So Buddy said, well, why don't you guys dance together—just compete in the U.S. Open in three months. And so we did, and we won. It was very exciting."

Emma in England: I cannot wait an entire summer for Grey's Anatomy to come back! Please share something! Anything at all?!
It may not be much consolation, but I can tell you that Seattle Grace opens its doors on June 25 to start filming season five. Someone better start lighting those candles again.

Harold Perrineau, Lost


Dan: I'm part of the ABC Studios Advisory Panel, and they were asking questions about Michael's "fate" on Lost—very vague about whether he died or not, and also how interested I was in seeing him next season. Could this mean that, depending on the results, he might come back?! Also, when Ben says they all need to come back to the Island—is there any way he means Walt, too, and that he'll be a regular next season? Because, dammit, I miss the kid, and I need to know how he's special!
I've unilaterally decided that Ben's declaration means Walt has to go back, too, but whether Darlton or the Island agree with me remains to be seen. As for Michael, well, that there info you have from the advisory panel is what Arsenio used to call a thing that makes you go "Hmmmm..."

Janice in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: On Lost, Ben says they all have to go back to the Island. Does this include Jin and Sun's child?
I personally think everybody means everybody, including innocent babies and children whom their mothers and feisty grandmothers are strongly disinclined to take back to the Dangerous Island of the Four-Toed Statue. On the other hand, maybe the moms can leave their babies with Penny while everyone else returns?

Laura in Champaign, Ill.: I have recently found myself addicted to Dirt—that Courteney Cox, what a powerhouse! Will it be back on FX next year?
I'm sorry, no. A network source confirms that FX canceled Dirt late last week.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Shannon in Omaha, Neb.: It's been forever since we've heard new scoop about Heroes. Please oblige!
Gee, well, I don't have much to tell, other than the fact that in the first three minutes one of the lead heroes is going to bust a cap off at one of the other lead heroes. And oh yeah, the guy she pulls the trigger on just might be the guy she's playing tonsil hockey with in real life. She also tells him (on cam), "I always loved you." Whaaa?! Figured it out? I know you have, so discuss in the comments below! Oh, and even more shocking? We're gonna see Claire-bear with dark hair and this also involves a shift in time. So very Lostalicious, no?

Quincy in Salt Lake City: Kristin, thanks for the Brothers & Sisters update! Have you heard anything more about Ryan?
Yep. If you happen to live in Bakersfield, keep your eyes peeled for a (probably hot) guy who looks like a Walker, because sources tell me that that’s where Ryan is! I’m hearing Holly gets her skeevy little hands on Ryan’s file first, and this will not go down well with Nora. Catfight! Honestly, it’s looking like season three will be a big ol’ showdown between Mama Walker and that Ho-Bag Mistress, and I’m so standing in Mama W’s corner. Where are you?

Talia in British Columbia: I think Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for the new brother on Brothers & Sisters. He is hot, and I think it would add a lot, don't you?
He is hot, and I like the way you think, sister-friend. Great suggestion.

Marshall in Bellevue, Wash.: Any word on The Hills?
At the opening for Strike (a new bowling alley in the O.C.), Lauren Conrad told us that Stephen C. is "living next door" and that they've just started filming the fourth season. "We went to Vegas last weekend for a birthday party and that was pretty intense because it's Vegas," L.C. says. "There's a couple new guys and the old guys 'cause they're already around."

Teddy in Boston,: Is Audrina still living with Lo and Lauren for season four?
According to Lauren, yes. She downplayed the tension from yesterseason, saying: "You know how you are with friends. Sometimes you fight, and sometimes you're not good, then you make up and it's fine. So we're just like any other two girls with a friendship. It's good and bad." Funny enough, when Audrina later showed up, she said she had no idea Lauren and Lo were there. So it sounds like Lauren and Lo are still thisclose and Audrina is still keeping her space chez Audrina (the guest house).

Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds

Monty Brinton/Showtime

Kaitlyn from Camano Island, Wash.: Weeds is coming back soon! Do you have any scoop?
I have a plethora of scooplets for you, loyal Weedthusiasts. First, even though it's burning to the ground, it's not the last time we've seen Agrestic. Second, Nancy's name might've been given to the feds, but someone else will end up behind bars. (Someone who gets a ridonkulously funny makeover and whom I desperately want to start up a sitcom with Jeffrey Tambor.)  And finally, Nancy is heading for the border, and it ain't for Taco Bell! (Or even Roberto's, which, as a San Diego native, I can tell you is the s--t.)

Leah in Manhattan, Kan.: I'm obsessed with the show Chuck (that might be an understatement), and I was wondering if you have any scoop on the show?
Right there with you, baby. Morgan saves Anna from some meathead videogame jocks who call her names and treat her mean. So it looks like MorgAnna is going strong. Hurrah!

Big Love

Lacey Terrel/HBO

Allison in Lowell, Mich.: I know it's way too early, but anything on Big Love?
One of Bill's mothers-in-law is not long for the world. Guesses?

Mary in Los Angeles: Big Love, pretty please! Any info on the younger cast? What's going on with Sarah, Rhonda and Heather?
Sarah and Heather are going to the prom, although not as a couple. Prom doesn't go as planned and Sarah's prom pic ends up being of her and someone other than her date. Meanwhile, Rhonda seems to have left town, but the nest of lies out of which she hatched—Juniper Creek—remains a threat to the Henricksons.

Miranda in Houston: Can't wait for Psych to come back! Scoop?
Psych-o! Tallyho! Love that show! Still, there comes a time in the life of every show when it turns to roller derby. For Charlie's Angels that time came in season one; Psych held out all the way season three, and...I'm so proud. In episode six, Shawn suspects the derby girls are involved in a series of burglaries, so Juliet goes undercover to investigate (in true Angel fashion) and earns the game name Maniac.

Finn in Washington, D.C.: Hey, any scoopage on the final season of Scrubs?
Hey, remember that time when Pam and Jim had just started dating and slipped it in under the radar and no one but Kevin made a big deal out of it? Why do I mention this? No reason. Definitely nothing to do with any parallels to a certain on-again, off-again couple we love on Scrubs. Nope, no sir. Nothing to see here!

The Closer

Andrew Eccles/TBS

Kimberly in Toronto: Any dish on The Closer? It's still one of my favorite procedurals of all time.
Awesome episode coming up this season called "Dial M for Provenza." It's full-on Hitchcock-style noir, with some overtones of James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice. (It's a Brenda-driven sting of a woman trying to off her hubby; Provenza, believe it or not, goes undercover as a male fatale.)

Bryan in Ft. Worth, Texas: I'm liking In Plain Sight. Any dish?
You know that suitcase of cocaine that Mary's sister has stashed under her bed? She dumps it in the river, and I think her drug dealer ex-boyfriend would prefer it be returned to him. I predict a season-finale shootout with junkies, dealers, the DEA and a U.S. Marshal named Mary Shannon. In the meantime, hang in there for episode four—"Trojan Horst" has a great shootout to tide you over...

Jim in Parma, Ohio: Anything on the final season of ER?
The writing staff of ER decamped to Hawaii last week to work out storylines for the show's 15th and final season. Executive producer John Wells tells me they'll be thinking about how to develop the Gates-Taggart romance and working on developing yet another love interest for Neela. How do we feel about that?

Jared Padelecki


Janice in Kentucky: Any word on Supernatural? Give me some love!
Gladly. I’m hearing that Supernatural is going to be dealing with a lot of specifically religious symbolism this season, with a particular eye toward the devil, hell, god, etc. (And with any luck: loincloths.) Also, did you hear that Sam is the devil's son?! Oh wait, wrong show. Did you hear that Dean is in hell?! Crazy town! From what I'm hearing, the new Supernatural season is looking really good.

Julie in Rochester, Mich.: Army Wives scoopage please!
Can you believe they killed Amanda? Cruel show! Claudia Joy will be struggling with the death of her daughter all season long, but before too long, she's at least going to be back helping her friends. Roxy gets mixed up with a litigious waitress and C.J. helps her get out of the jam. 

Sara in San Jose, Calif.: My TV cable just removed TBS from the basic cable lineup, which means I can't watch one of my favorite shows: My Boys! Any scoop you can share so I'm not totally missing out?
Girl, you need to move! As for scoop, how about this: Bobby + Swedish nanny = Sad P.J.

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—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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