Rainn Wilson, The Office

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Oh, how I love Rainn Wilson. There are no words to describe.

His big movie The Rocker is set to hit theaters (see you in line!), and while doing press for it, he graciously answered five of my Office Q's about the fate of Dwangela and the spinoff. Keep reading and enjoy...

Five Q's With Rainn Wilson

What’s going on with Dwight and Angela? Are they hot and heavy?
Yes. I think they are getting it on...Office style.

But what about Andy? He's engaged to her! Can Dwight actually steal her away?
I don't know. I think Dwight’s going to challenge him to a duel.

When do you guys go back into production?
A couple of months...the end of July.

Anything you new you can tell me about the spinoff? Will it be an existing character or will a new person be brought in?
No, I’m doing the spin off.

You’re doing the spinoff?
Yeah, and it is called The Dwight Stuff. I’m a private detective in New York City living in a trailer park, the only trailer park in Manhattan. It’s good. I ride a horse in Central Park. It’s interesting—I’m there with my cousin Mose, and it’s really kind of a gritty, urban-type thing.

Sweet. I can't wait to see it.

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